A CEO carrying a pot of tea for his supplier!!!

It was morning 9:30 am in Kolkata. I was on my wheel to drive fast to make sure that I should on time for meeting with my client . Because, popular belief is that Bengali people in Kolkata are time rich people. They can play with their time, meditate on a  lot , do a  little  and ultimately  create tsunami in teapot for IPL , Meeting , bandh , price rise etc . He always makes sure that his counterpart (may be his boss , partner , client etc ) is waiting for him,  he normally grace the occasion with avatar like appearance in the scene  .


It was 9:40 am, my destination was Gorkha Bhavan near The City Center , Salt Lake . Yes, just before the schedule meeting time  at 10 am , I reached the Bhavan  . But , again problem , as I was before time , I made a call to my Client Capt Lim for his availability for the meeting . He is Nepali origin; he has business in North Bengal. He had served our nation as a captain , now he is running his own venture in IT /BPO domain . After a few rings, he picked up the phone . I informed him that we were waiting at the reception . He then directly called us at his conference room. I knocked the room and entered . Capt. was not there. Within a minute, He entered with a tea pot and shared  with us a refreshing smile. I was a little bit uneasy, as he was carrying the teapot and he himself started making the arrangement for tea. I made a move to help him. He stopped me with gentle voice “ Let me do this Mr. Roy “ . I was really surprised to his hospitality, he extended to his consultants. He could have called any waiter to serve us  , but he chose to savor  the taste of tea his personal touch for starting his morning meeting . He has set up his ventures in BPO/IT , Human Resources , Training academy for corporate security solutions . But his simplicity as a owner , really touched my heart .I remember , in a another occasion , one B-School CEO in Kolkata , made us to come through a typical meeting processes ( Like Kolkata Mahakaran – power HUB of sarkari Bengali babus ) , just to show his CEOness .   I feel , leaders should motivate their employees , and engage stake holders by displaying his  simplicity , commitment to organizational vision . He has created his venture with a vision for helping the backward community in North Bengal. I am not a McKinsey  or BCG guy who can anytime open up long list for his  personal meeting experiences with Global CEOs . But my simple meeting with simple CEO at Kolkata was really enriching for me and it is because of his simplicity as a man rather than self incarnated CEO .


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