Looking for winter season picnic spots in and around Kolkata – a brief travel log from my journeys into Rural Bengal

Winter season sets in, and weather is really cool for picnic or family outing. I am also taking less work load this year end for small family picnic and nearby outings. Many people in Kolkata really think where to go this winter weekends. We are really become sick of crowded city place, busy life. We need peaceful nature and some outing at picnic stops near forest or rivers or at a village garden surrounded by greenery. I love to go out with my family and explore new places. Here I have mentioned few places where you can spend your day out with your family. This is based on my journey, so some of the information may have changed over time. This is an small effort to share experience of outing in rural Bengal .

Taki Picnic site with my family

Taki Picnic site with my family

1. Taki Picnic spot: This is place tucked away by 75 km from Kolkata. This place is accessible by both road and train. This is the best place for family picnic. Taki is famous for best picnic spot along the Ichamoti river close  Bangladesh Border. You can take Hanshnabad Local train from Sealdha and reach Taki Station, from there you can take local van to reach the picnic spot. You can reach by road, from Kolkata it’s 80 Km journey. First you reach Barasat , then take along Taki road and drive straight to reach Taki . I have visited five times there, mostly by my car.

Taki Picnic - enjoying picnic near river site - other side you can see Bangladesh

Taki Picnic – enjoying picnic near river site – other side you can see Bangladesh

What to see there: Taki Raj Bari , Machranga Dip ( island – really awesome views of island and rivers all around ) , boating in river Ichamoti , Hoglapata Jongal ( Hoglapata forest ) etc . You can take food in local guest house . You can get a very close view of Bangladesh. IF you go with your car , take all foods and enjoy a beautiful river side picnic . (Last time I paid Rs. 250 for booking a river side picnic sport). Place is very safe because of BSF camp .

Ichamoti picnic Garden - entry to island type picnic spot

Ichamoti picnic Garden – entry to island type picnic spot

2. Ichamoti Park: This place is a very safe place for family picnic . You can reach this place by private vehicle or you can reach here  from Hashnabad line ( In fact I visited that place by my car ) . Route from nearby station to this place is not clear. You get all facilities from this location . You need to book this picnic spot from nearby counter. ( I feel I spent Rs 300 for a spot ) . This spot is a island surrounded by canal ( it’s created by local municipality for picnic only ) . This only picnic spot, so you can spend time with your family, playing games , you can get many other picnic parties there . I enjoyed this place very much.

Close view of picnic spots from nearby canal bridge

Close view of picnic spots from nearby canal bridge

3. Badu picnic spot : This is very close to Kolkata , 35 km off from Kolkata . There are many villa or picnic spots there. For big picnic party , you have book early . One important place is “ Makarasa Bagan “ you can say “Spider Garden “ . Actually it is Markar Shah’s Garden . This is a awesome place . Big ponds , big mango trees around the pond , big and old building along the pond guarding the mango trees . But place is not safe for family in rush hours.

But there are  lots of place to arrange picnic . Most important place to visit are : Hanuman Mandir , Snake garden , Aquarium , also lots of mango gardens for family picnic and games under the big mango trees .

4. Sanhati Park : This is located in Ashok Nagar along Bangoan line . You can reach by train or private car . Best place to spend picnic with your kids . You can book ( in advance ) the picnic spot for full day picnic . This place has lots of rides for children . You can also visit Science Park near Habra.

Sky view of Sanhati park from ropeway bridge

Sky view of Sanhati park from ropeway bridge

5. Metho Gaon ( Village of mud ) : This not very popular spot located near Madhyamgram ( 25 km off from Kolkata ) . You can book one picnic spot , spend time among the paddy fields and pluck green vegetables from the fields ( with permission ) and use the same for your picnic .

Lost in nature at Metho gao

Lost in nature at Metho gao

6. Kakra Mirja pur : This is again along the Taki Road , beautiful village , country side . Ideal for family picnic. Famous “ Baba Loknath temple “ located in this place .

Other important places to visit:

7. Mayapur : This is approximately 125 km from Kolkata , near Krishna Nagar . You can reach by car or by train . ISKCON Mandir is there. You can visit many Math and local Asram . But single day trip is hectic . Better to stay a day at Mayapur ISKCON mandir .

ISKCON Mayapur  guest house booking Information :

Phone : (03472) -245620 ( for Telephone Booking )**
Other Number : ( 03472) 245494

My favorite Guest house is Gada Bhavan , try to book guest house one month in advance during winter season .

8. Bangaon Bibhuti Bhusan Ghat : This place is very close to Bangaon Station . You can catch Bangaon train from Sealdah and reach the Bangaon station . From there you can reach the ghat . This is famous for Sri Bibhuti Bushan Bondapadhya , famous Bengali novelist . You can see the ghat , local bridge over river . Small picnic spot near the river. You can manage to stay nearby guest house by advance booking .

These are the places I have visited one or many times. These places are famous for their bucolic charm and smell of natures. Every winter, I plan to visit one of these sites with my family. Every time I go, I rediscover the place with new charms, with new experience ( as rural Bengal is changing fast ) . If you are in Kolkata, you can make a visit and enjoy your time with your family at country side picnic spots.

Few more best picnic spots in Kolkata; Updated 2016

Few years back I wrote about popular picnic spots in and around Kolkata. Again after 4 years, in this updated posts I am sharing some new locations for family day outs at the heart of city.

9. New Town Eco Park (প্রকৃতি তীর্থ):

I feel the best hang out place for one day trip. This is located in along the major Arterial Road connecting Salt Lake and New Town Rajathat. This park is build over 480 acres (190 ha) plot and there is huge late with nice island in the middle.

Evening boating in Eco park lake

Evening boating in Eco park lake

Best things to enjoy here are

  • Urban forest
  • Heliconia garden
  • Butterfly garden – This is an awesome place. Try to visit this place before 3:30 PM.
  • Lake Zone – Famous for boating and enjoying musical fountain in the evening.
  • Picnic spots in mixed-moist deciduous forests
  • Bonsai garden
  • Mask Garden – you can enjoy nice lighting here in the evening
Musical fountain in Eco park

Musical fountain in Eco park

It needs a full complete day to cover all rides and visting places inside the park.

How to there? It very well connected by bus. You can reach place from Salt Lake side (bus no DN 47, KB 14 etc) or you can catch taxi or bus from Haldiram stoppage along VIP road. I travelled there on private car and there are space for paid parking.

Butterfly garden

Butterfly garden

Visiting hours for Eco Park:

The Eco Tourism Park is opened on:

Tuesday to Saturday = 1:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Sunday & Holidays = 12:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

The park is closed on Monday for maintenance.

Park entry and Ticket counter closes at 06:30 P.M.

Entry charge is Rs 20/-.

There are two parking lots. They charged me Rs. 50/- for whole day parking.

More details on Eco park visit this page 

10. Nicco park :

This is referred to as the Disneyland of West Bengal . I always keep a day free every year to visit place with my family. There are lot many rides for children and elder members to spend a nice day out in Nicco park.

Nicco Park was opened on October 13, 1991. It is located on 40 acre land and offers 35 different attractions and has served over 24 million customers.

Main attractions

Nicco Park has approximately thirty-five rides that include the

  • Toy Train,
  • Tilt-a-Whirl,
  • Paddle Boat
  • Water Chute
  • Water Coaster
  • Flying Saucer
  • Pirate Ship
  • River Caves
  • Cyclone
  • Moonrake

Most famous of all these are: Cyclone, Water Coaster etc.

Basic entry fees:

  • Basic entry fees: 200/- (11 rides free)
  • Complete package:  550 per head.

We have taken complete packages. My daughters enjoyed cyclone ride many times.

How to reach there? It’s well connected by bus auto taxi. It located in Salt Lake area and many buses from Howrah, South and North Kolkata are passing through this area. There is limited parking space. So avoid private car during heavy rush hour.

11. Deulti:

This is birth place of famous Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya (author of Devdas) . Deulti is located at 56 km from Kolkata and well connected via roads and railway. From Howrah you can take any Midnapore bound trains and get down at Deulti station. Deulti station is about 50 km from Howrah junction and takes 1 Hr 30 min by local train. From road you can drive along NH- 2 towards Kharagpur. After 60 km drive you reach Deulti. From esplanade, you can take deulti bus from Esplanade .

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Memorial@ Deulti Station

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Memorial@ Deulti Station

What to see: you can see house of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya located about 3km from Deulti station, and house is maintained by his family.

Sarat Chandra House

Sarat Chandra House

You will also enjoy a village walk through the paddy field that will lead you to the bank of river Rupnarayan. The panoramic view of the River Rupnarayan will definitely enthrall your mind.

Sarat Smriti Mandir Gate

Sarat Smriti Mandir Gate

Sarat Smriti Mandir

Sarat Smriti Mandir

There are many nice picnic spots near the river. In winter season you can enjoy nice family picnic near the river.

Sarat mela : In every  winter in the month of January, local people celebrate Sarat Mela. You can see Bengal craft, nice depiction of Sarat Chandra literary work, and village culture, etc.

Sarat Mela 2016 at Deulti

Sarat Mela 2016 at Deulti

Radha and Madanogopal temple: You can also visit the temple decorated with terracotta work . This was constructed in 1651 AD by the Zamindar of Mangalhat Pragana, called Mukundaprasad Roychoudhury.

If you like to have 50 km drive from Kolkata and like to enjoy beauty of river, history of Bengal’s great novelist and nice picnic environment, then this is really a best place for weekend outing . Best time to go there in the month of January and December.

If you have to stay there, you can stay in Nirala Resort. It’s a very nice place for family stay and large picnic. I haven’t gone there, but my friend Sayan Sadhu shared his good experience about this place.




53 responses to “Looking for winter season picnic spots in and around Kolkata – a brief travel log from my journeys into Rural Bengal

  1. ur blog is very good…description about the picnic spots are really good…but u haven’t given any contact nos of the picnic spots…do u hav any contact no???if any plz give,I really want to go their… 🙂

  2. j.k.saha mobile no:9830560662

    Mr roy
    i have learned everything from your blog.but you have not given any contact no or from where to book.please give the details information regarding booking
    my email id is jks525@sify.com

    • Thanks for your views .

      Few cases , I missed the contact numbers . But for Taki , it’s awesome place . For single day picnic , you can go little early , you can find municipality people there , who allot picnic spots come come , first service basis . But larger team size , you have to to there before for booking picnic spots. Municipality has two big picnic spots , but advance booking is mandatory . For small family picnic , go straight and book on the spot .

      Badu picnic spot : Now days Corporate booking there ( Singe spot RS 3000 to 5000 for big party , but when you go in a small family , we can reach Snake garden Area , ask for local people for picnic spots . But avoid very important public holidays . Heavy rush there !

      For Ichamati park , go early there and book the spot at the local counter , please enter early there . Go there with foods and all stuffs . As inside the park , you would not get any goods . You have come out for purchase other stuffs . Again avoid very rush time .

      Nest time wherever I go , i will mention the phone number so that my reader can get direct information .

      Thanks for your time . You can share you views whwn you come back from any of these places .

      Happy new year 2012.

      Regards ,

  3. Here are some contact update for Sanhati Park :
    1)MILLENNIUM PARK-03216-231888
    2)SANHATI PARK—- 09635346605(RATAN BABU)
    3)PICNIC SPOT——– 09734509951(MANIK BABU)

    ( source : http://www.habralocal.com/ )

  4. it was very nice to go through your blogs….. i m planning to go to taki with a group of 15 frnds…any sugestions???

    • Thanks for stopping by . If you like go with 15 friends , better get the number of Local Municipality Guest house and make a call to arrange for stay and foods . Road condition was not good 2 month back . So you can go by Train also . This is not best picnic season now .Otherwise I advise you to go for a boat ride and visit Machranga Deep . In fact there are many guest houses . You can book and stay over there .

  5. Aniket Banerjee

    hi gobind jee…i will go to asok nagar these monday..a team of 6 friends..what would be booking price of picnic spot for our little team? we will carry our food from here…
    thanks in advance.ur description is simple and charming

    • Thanks for your comment . Yes last year I went to Sanhati Park ( Ashok Nagar ) . Best place for small picnic or family picnic. Last year , booking prices was : INR 300 . But on rush day . always book in advance .

  6. thanks gobind sir…

  7. Hi, this is Abir Manna. After follow your blog, I decide to go Taki in coming December, for a family picnic. But there is a small think to i know, is it possible to make our picnic at just beside of river ? Actually I like the natural spots, not park or Guest house.
    I like your blog very much. Please try to update it regularly.

    • Hello Abir ,

      Thanks for your comments . Yes plenty of river side spots are there , just very close to river back . There is series of picnic spots ( for small family or group ) , this is maintained by local Municipality . Last time I paid INR 300 for each spot . During peak time , go early and book a suitable spot . Don’t forget to travel

      1. Manchranga Deep ( possible go by booking private dinghi/boat ) ,

      2. Hoglapata Jungle ( by by local van )

      Hope this helps .


  8. Thanks a lot. I will follow this.

  9. can you plzzz exactly give the direction of meto gaon, madhyamgram?

  10. Very helpful information.
    Thank You,

  11. jyoti prakash sengupta

    cn v just go n cum bak in d same day if v go to taki..n hws d place ..is it safe fr gals????

  12. jyoti prakash sengupta

    n hw wll it b if v go to taki on 25th of dec..plz do reply..

  13. best picnic spot for 60 people on 20.01.13?

  14. harshavardhan gupta

    sir i stay in esplanade wanted to go to a place near by for family picnic not more than 1.5 hrs drive for 50 people and 300/head.. last tym i went to rani hati wth some event organisers and therer were about 200 people sharing that area.. if u cud suggest me some people number who undertake such events and also notify me if u have any idea of such upcoming events..you can mail me at coolharsh_2k1@ymail.com

  15. Sk Rejbul murshed

    Respected sir,
    I want to go a picnic on 24/11/2013 with my school’s 50-60 students under 60-80 k.m.near about kolkata. Can u plzz suggest me which place is suitable for us and there hv rides for students…plz help mf sir…i am wait ur reply…thank you.

  16. Hello ,

    Thanks for stopping by ! For picnic with school students , you can try Ashok Nagar’s Sanhati Park . Very safe place , students can enjoy rides . Science park also nearby . It’s about 40 Km from Kolkata . Hope this helps .

  17. please let me know one thing that I have to go taki spot, From Dhakuria, with at least 250 members of my club ( male & female) have U any contact number of the spot, please drop a message to 9051804282, (Biman)

  18. Can I know how can we reach ashoknagar sanhati park from Kolkata…we are interested by seeing your post in this website

    • You can reach there two way either by train or by road .

      Train – Seadah – Bangaon local – drop at Ashok Nagar Station , ask local van for Sanhati Park .

      By road : It’s about 35- 40 Km from Kolkata . Take Jessore road from Airport gate no.1 , cross Barasat and road to Bangaon .

      I went there by driving .Road condition was good then , but not sure now .

      Hope this help . Thanks

  19. Hi,
    My name is Sandy. Just a small piece of information that I wanted to grab. We are planning for an outing on the 21st December from Kolkata. What could be the nearest spot with a 2 to 3 hours of drive? The members wont exceed from 15.

  20. helo sir , m jyoti i want to go sanhati park with my 8 friends , for picnic, what will be the cost to book that place. please give ur valuable suggestion n contact number too for booking that place.

  21. sir I want to go for a picnic with my family of 8 persons only.
    Where should I go ?
    We Just want to spend 5 to 6 hours, where we can play badminton, flying-disc etc..
    We can carry foods and snacks with us.

    I stay in kolkata and want to go within 50km from kolkata.

    Sir please suggest, which place will be the best for us.

  22. debasmita bhowmik

    Hi…we are planning for a picnic about 20 ppl (office) and want to spend the whole day with different games (badminton,cricket etc),we are looking for food too,please suggest some place with contact no…

  23. susanta4@gmail.com

    Do you have any details of Metho Gaon ( Village of mud ).

  24. Hello Sir, I am looking for a full day with my wife, will travel by car, need to have some visiting place in walking distance and obviously good lodging & fooding..pls. provide contact number for advance booking, distance will be withing 50km from Kolkata, will start in the morning and returning by evening on same day

  25. I have picnic spot in bibirhat if anyone interested call 9903178666


  27. we want to arrange a picnic for school students.. so suggest us sumthing which will entertain our students.. i really liked ur sanhati park view.. please suggest us immediately..thanking you
    debasmita dutta




  29. I have to know about taki interested palace

  30. Hello sir,
    I have gone through your blog and i am keen to visit ichamoti Park. Can you please provide me the direction to the spot from madhyamgram, and any contact number of the officials working at the picnic garden.
    thank you.

  31. No doubt interesting & experience in going thru, but would like to have contact phone nos for charges, facilities availability.
    In fact our family members around 16 people are planning to have a picnic within 50 to 60 kn from Kolkata, where utensils / gas etc would be available
    if you can help my contact no. 9836687777.

    • Thanks for your views and queries. In fact, many picnic place in Kolkata doesn’t have in house facility for renting utensils/gas to picnic parties. Many cases, before main picnic day , we personally visited those places and booked materials from neraby decorators. Thanks

  32. Dipanwita Mukherjee

    Hello Gobinda Roy Sir,
    I have seen your blog here and expressing my interest to go Taki for 1 day’s picnic. I will go there with my 5 friends. Csn you please tell me how much amount we havd to pay for booking any picnic spot for 6 persons?

    • when we went last time to Taki picnic spot. Municipality charged us Rs 300 /- per picnic spot near river. For large picnic party, you can go there before the scheduled picnic date and booked space there. Thanks

  33. Mr Gobinda Roy, You are doing a fabulous job. your bolgs have good informations. And you are advising so very well. Keep it up, Best Weishes.

  34. Hi…we are planning for a picnic about 30 people and want to spend the whole day with different games (badminton,cricket etc),we are looking for food too,please suggest some place with contact no…

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