Maithan trip – place to enjoy beauty of dam and lake resting in mystic hillocks

We planned a lot to spend a cool weekend in Maithan during our new Year 2012 trip  . This is a beautiful place to spend your weekend, enjoy vast water reservoir and boating camp ,spend hours to mingle with nature and small  hillocks . We planned to stay at best place in Maithan , called Majumdar Niwas ( DVC Guest house on a beautiful island )  . It’s more than any 5 star luxury hotel.


Beautiful view of Majumdar Niwas and hillocks , lake welcoming us at Maithan

Our Journey to Maithan :

It’s about 230KM drive from Kolkata to reach Maithan . We started in morning on 2nd January 2012 . It was a very rainy day . I was driving slowly along the NH-2 . Normally it takes about 4 hours drive from Kolkata . We have taken tea break at Bardwan . Then drove along the National Highway 2 and passed through Panaghar  ( 135 Km ) , Durgapur , Asonsol . After Asonsol we have taken right turn from NH 2 toward Kalyaneswari Mandir and finally reached Maithan’s Majumder Niwas .


Distant view of Majumdar Niwas , and view of Maithan reservoir

If you come by rail, then better to get down at Asonsol Junction. You can avail plenty of bus services  and private vehicles to reach Maithan .

Our staying at Maithan :

Best place to stay at Maithan is Majumdar Niwas , it has to be booked through DVC . It’s located on the top of an island and connected to mainland by Foot Bridge. It’s more than any star hotel . If you get a chance to stay here , I feel you get the real charm of Maithan . One side of the guest house  , you get the glimpse of large stretch of reservoir and lake , other sides are hillocks , complete view of Jhankhand , DVC dam . Views are Awesome!  You can only book this place through DVC office .Always long queue for this place . You can relish very tasty food and spend time in beautiful island garden. You can view a tortoise island from here.

Other places to stay here are small hotels near DVC Maithan , more near Kalyaneswari Mandir  . We also found Bengal Tourist lodge that has beautiful views of lake. But during rush hours, it’s better to book in advance.

Best time:

Best time to visit here between December to February. (this time Dam lock gates are closed ) and next best timing is between  July –August . You can see the rains and Dam, but better to avoid this rainy season.


Relaxing evening at Maithan

What to see in Maitian ?

1. Maithan Dam : It’s man made concrete dam build over river Barakar , It has 12 gates ( flood control ) . You can walk along the Dam , sit aside to see the views of vast reservoir . One end of the dam is Jharkhand and other end is west Bengal. Car, buses are using the road over the Dam . You are not allowed to stop your car on Dam. So parked it outside dam area, and then make a walk along it. While walking along the dam towards Jharkhand, Look straight down left to see the deer park . There are 200 deer roaming around in the park. You can see from the top of the dam, but entry is restricted. Move farther ahead along the dam, you entered the Jharkhand and then enter the DVC colony. This is full fledge DVC offices, departments,  colony etc  . If you have a private vehicle , then make a round trip along the roads to see old schools , building  , guest houses etc  . Don’t forget to stop near post office more and sip tasty Cappuccino (Jharkhand tea), very tasty .

Millennium Park at DVC colony

Millennium Park at DVC colony

Also make a short trip to nearby DVC area, this help you to understand the culture and life line of Maithan .Image

2. Kalyaneswari Temple: You can see the Kalyaneswari Temple en route to Maithan Dam . Maa idol is very active ( in Bengali – we call Jagarata Devi ) . If you stay nearby hotel , we can reach by walking . You may have face heavy rush on Tuesday and Saturday. If you stay near Dam area, then you can go there by your car or Bus or auto . We visited the temple at noon , so there was no rush . When finally entered main temple, inside was dark, only candles were there, pujari was chanting mantra for puja . We paid Rs. 50 to pujari for puja . You can take flowers and sweet as a puja dhali from nearby shop.

Best items of this place to taste here are Kachuri and peda sweet . We take some packets of peda for home. We spent 30 min there and returned back. Devi darsan was really very enriching and enjoying deep peace (maha santi ) . But if you like to enjoy the tranquility of temple, then avoid rush hours and enjoy the blessing of god and maha santi ( peace ) during off peak hours  .

3. Chhath puja Ghat : If you at Majumder Niwas , then you can see this  place far off , on the other side of the dam . It’s located in Jharkhand. There is a helipad near to it. This place it very close to Gangna Colony (located inside the DVC area) . Every year , during Chhath puja, there is big fair hosted every year . People from different parts of Bengal and Jharkhand come here to celebrate this festival . You can directly reach the dam water and even have bath here. Road goes to water. We drove our car to kiss the water of dam. I parked the car and sit and roamed around. See the beauty of chain of island in the water and distant view of Bengal. Good  time to visit during evening time .


Chhath puja Ghat

4. Boating: This is really awesome. You can have short trip (Rs. 20 per head) . You have speed boating also there. So you spend time in boating with your family .

Maithan  Boating ghat

Maithan Boating ghat

5. Boating to Sobuj Deep ( Green Island ) . You can book a boat for Rs. 300 to reach to Sobuj island. Spend time over there .Recently we have seen a small tea stall there on the island . This is 2-3 hours trip. Good for a small ride and please short stay on the island . You can get a 360 degree view of Dam . Really awesome!

Maithon - distant view of  Green Island

Maithon – distant view of Green Island

6. Suleman Park : Very less known park . This is private park and they have taken lease from DVC . In winter, it’s worth to go there. You can meet caretaker cum CEO Mr. Suleman welcoming you . Great place to have a family picnic. From DVC Dam , it’s located 6 Km off and located on the other side of the hills . You have to drive along the dam, muddy village, upslope of hills to reach the location. I reached there by my car. But, you can reach there by private vehicle only. From this park you see the Green Island very close. We spend some time in the park and met Mr. Seleman also. This is really very peaceful place.

 Suleman Bhai at Suleman Park

Suleman Bhai CEO at Suleman Park

7. Jharkhand Sports complex: I feel that place is the BEST place in Maithan . If you love nature , peaceful existence of dam , river , hills .Then this is the right place . You can listen the whisper of breeze, hills and distant sport complex. This sport complex now looks deserted. So no rush all here. Even during top picnic season, I have not found any picnic party here. From Majumder Niwas , you can see the sport complex on the other side of the reservoir . This place is in Jharkhand. You must have car or private vehicle to access this place. We were sitting  under the tree, running across the muddy road, taking to the nature .This is very quiet place . We climbed up the small hillocks just behind sport complex. We collected may marble stones there. We only saw hill tops all around and small bushes, tress welcoming us there. We could the distant view of TATA thermal power station from the top of the hillock. I feel you must go there. Very nice place. We spend our whole evening there. My daughters Ankita and Richita were running along the hilly path, colleting marble stones. We enjoyed this place to fullest extent.


Playing at Sports complex


Peaceful co existence of nature and lake at Sports complex


Sports complex

Collecting stones on the hillock

Collecting stones on the hillock

8. DVC Power Plant: We have got special pass to visit the power plant of DVC. This is top restricted place. We enjoyed the place lot. Being a responsible citizen, I respect the Indian Government policy and security. I should not discuss in detail about the place. I am not discussing the place and journey. But this is really the life long experience.

Sun set behind the Maithan hill - awesome views

Sun set behind the Maithan hill – awesome views

9. Majumdar Niwas : This is itself a important place to visit and stay . The best plance to stay in DVC maithan . We have stayed here for 2 days. It’s a island, views are awesome! Foods are very delicious. ( if you are Bengali , then full satisfaction ) . You need to book this place through DVC . Heavy rush for all the season. But if you go by your own car . Then you have to park it outside the Dam ( it’s risky also ) . We have managed to keep our car parked in DVC colony during night time.


Foot bridge to Majumdar Niwas

10 . Tortoise Island: My daughter Richita discovered this. During our stay on the island guest house , we woke up in the morning and just got ready for sightseeing  . Outside was cloudy. We were sipping tea at the guest house. My daughter came and told me with great excitement that she had found a big tortoise in the reservoir. We came out and found a splendid view island in the form of tortoise. Outside weather was cloudy.  So distant view of island looks like a big tortoise   . I feel this is a big discovery of my little daughter ( just to encourage my daughter ) . I have uploaded picture of that island. The view of this island was really awesome!


Tortoise island

We have enjoyed the place very much. Walking along the bridge, spending time at the garden inside the Majumdar Niwas was priceless. If you have good Data card (Tata Photon , or GPRS ) connectivity is very good there on the island hotel . So we spend cool evening spending time on the island hotel ( Majumdar Niwas ) and updating our social media pages . Yes, we have got tasty tea , served on my tea table , making every moment with full of fun and excitement . This was really a complete holiday tour at Maithan . We have got excellent support and hospitality of DVC guest house staff. Our journey becomes memorable because of excellent support and help from my friends in DVC.

After 2 days stay , we finally set out for home , carrying those memories of Dam , river , parks , island guest house . We plan to visit this place again in future!


59 responses to “Maithan trip – place to enjoy beauty of dam and lake resting in mystic hillocks

  1. Nice coverage and deep information. its a boon for those who is visiting this plase for the First time…. .Thanks

    • Thanks for your view. I know many people are looking for DVC Guest house Nos . But Book the Majumder Niwas from Kolkata office or Maithan DVC office rather than contacting DVC guest house . This information is for the visitors of my blog . Thanking you again !

  2. Can u please give the contact number how to book Maithan Majumder Niwas?

    • Best way , If you know someone in DVC , then process it thought that channel . Very long queue for that place . As it’s the best place to stay over there and enjoy beauty of nature and dam .

  3. Please help me how to book room in majumdar lodge.Please help me i want visit there with my family.

  4. Goutam Saraswati

    You reached there on 2nd Jan. When and at what time did you start there from? How much in advance should we try for booking?

  5. Pradyot kr Mukherjee

    Pl let me know the correct address for booking at kolkata office

  6. How can we book Majumder Niwas ? We are a family of 12 and would like to visit maithon around Dashami

    • hi ,

      always heavy rush for booking this place . Normally you should book one month in advance esp for peak season . Still you can check with your known person in DVC if any.Thanks

  7. Arindam Banerjee

    Can you pls. tell me the Room rates of Majumder Niwas ? thanks..

    • Hi ,

      Room rent is very cheap – Rs 230 per day . food cost extra …but again very cheap food and best option there . food costing 30-60 /- per meal per head. Very tasty food there . hope this helps.


  8. Hi,
    I am very glad and satisfied about your valuable information before going to Maithan

  9. a complete guidance……thanks

  10. We are planning for Maithon trip in late March. Pl help us by providing ur known contact at DVC for booking Majumdar Nivas.

  11. I want to get the phone no of Majumdar Niwas for booking.

  12. Hi All ,

    Thanks all for your post and views . I am not a booking agent or running travel agency . I write this because I love share with you my experience .

    For booking Majumder Niwas , you need not take tel. number of Niwas . Recently my friend booked room there . Better you go to DVC office near Ultadanga and check out for counters there . You can book from there directly . But no luxury here like online booking or phone booking . You have to go there and book . Hope this helps . Thanks for your time on my blog .

  13. Please give me the ph no. of majumdar nivas


    thanx for a nice guidance

  15. Was planning to visit Maithon. Your post has been a help in getting info as there’s very little info on Maithon tourism on the net. Thanks.

  16. Nice description and very useful information. Thanks a lot.

  17. Hello – Really nice article. It seems the bridge to Majumdar Niwas is a foot bridge. Where do one keeps his car? Is there any designated/ safe parking area of DVC? I am going to Majumdar Niwas this November and hence the question :-).

    • That’s a good question .

      In 2010 , there was no separate parking lot . You have to park car outside dam and then take footbridge to Niwas. It was a problem that time esp. in night as security guard will take any care of cars parked outside Dam . So it’s owner risk , I have parked my Car in DVC colony , 2.5 Km off from Niwas . I took help of my DVC friends . But no designated parking lot ( esp. for night ) for Majumdar Niwas tourist . It was as per update 2010 . But don’t know the recent development . Hope this helps. Thanks

  18. which one to visit -maithan or panchet? we r planning a one day trip via train. i know its very hectic but cant help with office. so what will u suggest getting down at barakar for maithan dam or getting down at kumardhubi for panchet dam? plzzz help

    • Hi ,

      Yes , It would be hectic to trip to cover this place in a day . Still …

      In my opinion , Maithon will be good option to explore .

      Why Maithon is the first choice ?

      1. You can visit 2-3 places nearby including boating .
      2. You can have more options for lunch there
      3. Good commutation facilities
      4. This time you can enjoy good picnic type environment .

      Panchet dam can be second option :As

      1. It’s a remote place , so good if you go there only to sit and enjoy dam and natural beauties
      2. May be limited commutation facilities
      3. Limited food stalls
      4. No near by spots within walking distance .

      So better option if Maithon tour .

      Hope this help !

  19. Hi Gobind Ji,

    Your blog is really an informative. i’m very much impressed through your writing skills. Yesterday I planned with my coaching teacher and friends for Maithan trip, for this today I searched on ‘Google’ “places to see in maithon” and got this post of your blog on 3rd no. Through this post I come to know the beautiful places to visit in Maithan very easily and not required to search more that save my time. So, I’m very thankful to you for this wonderful and informative post solved my all quaries. Can you tell me where is DVC Office in Kolkata. I want to book this guest house as we are going on 28th Dec.

    Thanks once again!

    • Hi Sashank Sharma Ji ,

      Happy to know you find this post useful .

      For majumdar niwas booking , you need to go to DVC office near Bidhan Nagar Railway station . You can ask any person for direction to DVC office .

      Hope this helps .



  20. bablu bhattacharjee

    is there(maithon) any other hotel except wbfdc? if so pl give me the contact no of that hote

  21. Prosenjit Mukherjee

    We are planning to visit Maithon on 08/03/2014. We are getting down at Kumardubi . From there we are planning to stay in Hotel Shanti Nivas . How far is it from the Kumardubi Railway Station ? How to reach the hotel from station ? is this hotel good ? Apart from Mazumdar Nivas, any suggestions ?

    • Hi ,

      During my second trip , I was looking for Hotel Shanti Nivas as some one referred us . But we stayed at Hotel Maithon Yatri Niwas . This is a very reputed hotel and you can have both AC and non AC there . Good food also .

      I travelled twice with my car , so don’t know eaxct way to reach Maithon from Kumardubi Railway Station . But , I heard there are local autos and bus taking you to Maithon .

      Hope this helps !


  22. Amitabha Chaudhuri

    Dear My. Roy,
    I’m planning to visit Maithon this month and have decided to stay at Majumdar Nivas, but they have no car parking facility I believe, could you please suggest where to park the car? is there any parking space around?

    Awaiting for your kind responce.

    Amitabha Chaudhuri

    • Dear Mr. Chaudhuri ,

      Thanks for your views .

      I went Maithon twice : first in 2012 and last time 2013 . In my last visit , I found similar situation , no paid parking space on the dam ourside Majunder Niwas . You find parking space at night . But no security there .

      In 2010 , I parked my Car in DVC officer colony as I know some one there .
      But in 2013 , I we went there in short notice , so could not get accomodation in Majumder Niwas . We checked in Maithon Lodge , very spacious and good . We parked our car there .
      Hope this helps .

      Thanks ,

  23. Amitabha Chaudhuri

    Dear Mr. Roy,

    Thank you so much for your quick response, and for your comprehensive information. This is truly helpful for me. I’ve to rethink about the mode of transportation, whther personal car or train.

    Thanks again,

    • Dear Mr. Chaudhuri ,

      Thanks for your mail .

      If at all , you like to go there by car , then better to go with personal driver and you can ask driver to be with car at parking area on dam . Place is not remote and very close to Security check point . Still local security doesn’t want to take any responsibility.

      Please share your view when you back from Mathion tour,

      Thanks ,


  24. Thanks for a lovely post

  25. Thanks for the wonderful and vivacious description.. In fact, since my childhood days, till attaining the age of 22, I was in DVC Maithon.

  26. Hi Gobinda, I want to go there in November, Can u tell me besides Majumder Niwas, How many Hotels and Lodge are there?

  27. Can you please tel me, how long is the bridge to Majumder Lodge. I want to go along with my parents they cannot walk for long distance.

    • Hi Subrata ,

      There is a foot bridge connecting Majumdar Niwas with main road over the dam . It’s about 30 meter foot bridge . If you parents can’t walk you take this road from boating ghat entry as from main road , they need to take down stairs to reach foot bride . From Boating ghat , it would be easy to reach foot bride .

      Hope this helps .


  28. i have some questions.kindly reply soon.
    1) is there any restaurant at maithon yatri niwas? if not, then plz provide good restaurant names near that hotel.

    2) somebody told me that majumdar nivas has limited food option and market area, other hotels are distant from it. are these true?

    3) how about hotel shanti nivas?

    4) how to reach maithon from mukutmanipur? via asansol? is bus service available & frequent?

    • 1) Yes , lot many
      2) Yes , Maithan restaurant is the best located along highway . It’s really good . You can try Maithon Jatri Niwas food . very homely food .
      3) Via Asansol , you can Mini Mus and auto service . I never tried that . But this place is well connected with Asansol .

      Hope this helps . Thanks

  29. Hi
    Maithon is a good touriest spot in west bengal for one or two days.One of the best hotel in maithon is maakalyaneswari lodge.Good accommodation with big parking zone and mainly large marriage hall with restaurant facility here.

  30. Shall be glad to know whether you have visited that place again after your first visit. This will provide us latest updates …

  31. arundhati bhattacharyya

    Is there any ac rooms? And if any what is the price?

  32. Nice place
    Please detail send me

    For Booking Majumder Niwas in Maithon is very easy , even its a very easy to access .
    No need any reference , just visit DVC TOWER – VIP ROAD – KOLKATA 54 Ultadanga Xing , Kolkata office in 1st floor. Meet the concern Person (Mr. Goutam ) 033-23550647 (Maithon No : 06540 – 279465 . Mr. Ujjal Das ) Need to visit personally to know the availability of rooms. Documents required for all the boarders Photo ID proof photo copy is must (suggested to carry at the booking time)
    Very Simple Dont Panic , take your time & go with positive thinking.

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