Durga Puja – my experience in 2013

The beats of Dhaks are getting subdued into heavy down pour in Navami Ratri evening  , Puja Pandal hoppers are looking dejected and are returning home , children are looking at sky , waiting for rain to stop . Today is the last day of Durga Puja 2013; now at 9PM, I am suppose to go for a pandal hoping with my family. But I prefer to stay at home because of incessant rains and so I plan to share my Durga Puja experience.

Durga Puja Pandal - New Barrackpore

Durga Puja Pandal – New Barrackpore

From my writing desk, I can see some pandal hoppers are still there on roads, enjoying their last Durag Puja darshan despite all bad weather.

College Square Puja 2013

College Square Puja 2013

This year Puja has started with a warning of Phailin cyclone. So we planned early to cover major puja pandals  by Saptami . We started our Dugra Puja 2013 darshan in Maha Sasthi Puja (10TH OCT , 2013 ) . We visited major puja pandals in Kolkata such as  College square, Mahamad Ali Park , Lebutotola . We covered 4 major puja on Sasthi .

Puja Kolkata 2013

Puja Kolkata 2013

Phailin cyclone was reported to reach Orissa on 12th October ( Maha Astami ) and there  might be some weather effects in Bengal  , so we went out for the second day Durga puja tour in New Barrackore ( New Barrackpore is located 17 Km from City Kolkata  and very close to Barasat , this is fomous for Durga Puja  ) . There are over 51 registered pujas including 6 big pujas  . We covered 10 Puja pandals on Saptami . We enjoyed the whole day on Maha Saptami 2013 .

Durga Puja  2103 in Kolkata

Durga Puja 2103 in Kolkata

Puja New Barrackpore

Puja New Barrackpore

On the  Maha Ashtami  , as per forecast  from weather department  , sky became cloudy , there were some  occasional showers in day time  . We have seen 5 pujas. Then rain again started around  8:30 PM. So we forced to return home.

Maa Durga idol - Arghadoot Sangha at New Barrackpore

Maa Durga idol – Arghadoot Sangha at New Barrackpore

Puja Pandal at New Barrackpore

Puja Pandal at New Barrackpore

Durga Puja  2103 in New Barrackpore

Durga Puja 2103 in New Barrackpore

Jharbati at College Square Puja

Jharbati at College Square Puja

Puja at New Barrackpore

Puja at New Barrackpore

Today Navami  , this post Phailin cyclone phase at Orissa   ,but effect is there on Gangetic Bengal . It’s raining whole day. Even rain has taken its momentum in the evening. So we are trapped at home and deserted plan for Navami puja darshan . Now it’s a 9:30 PM , loud speakers from the nearby pandals are still playing in melancholic tones as if this is an unexpected ending of Durga Puja 2013 .Food stalls owners are looking mopish , his son also looking at unsold foods at stalls , It’s not a good puja for them . Rain God could be kindhearted to those who expected a good earning during pujas as they in fact waits for month for these 3 days . We are also wiating for these 3 days when we plan to enjoy on foods , clothes and other entertainments .  I hope , Durga Puja 2014 will bring cheers for all next year  , so that we can spend on foods and clothes and small vendors can sell those and earn for their family . Hope Maa Durga will listen our prayer !

Durga puja 2014 dates :

Mahalaya                       23rd September 2014              Thursday
Panchmi                         29th September 2014               Sunday
Shashthi                         30 th September 2014              Monday
Saptami                             01st October 2014               Tuesday
Mahaa-Ashtami            02 nd October 2014                      Wednesday
Mahaa-Nabami             03nd October 2014                   Thursday
Dashami – Vijya           03rd October 2014                    Friday


7 responses to “Durga Puja – my experience in 2013

  1. Yeah,it’s a bad weather for 2013 Durga Puja,But despite all of this we enjoyed a lot ..:)

  2. Hello,

    Wonderful blog and photographs. Wanted to share our latest blog, creatingdurga.com and newly released book available on Amazon.com

    Creating Durga by Smrita Jain S, a must read!

    Follow the blog for more updates!

    Thank you,
    The team at The Aquario Group and Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design

    • Thanks you ! In fact , I tried my best to manage some time to write and share images .I know I need more expertise to present professionally these photographs .

      But your words inspire me to share my new experience in future .

  3. Hi,Wonderful blog and you write it very well. Thanks for.
    see more : http://godsmantra.com/

  4. Needs to evaluate rate of such pandal to erect in Delhi in 2015.

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