It’s my journey to connecting with rural mythology

Today morning is really refreshing. Moreover, morning rain make the environment more afresh. Winter is knocking door. Today I have made a quick plan to visit a nearby tourists place in Kharagpur. This time I have chosen a pilgrimage location called Maa Manasa temple in Jakpur.

Maa Manasa mandir at Jakpur- Distant view from Train

Maa Manasa mandir at Jakpur- Distant view from Train

Jakpur is a small station located along the Howrah-Kharagpur train route and located just before KGP station if you travel from Howrah. If you like to enjoy village walk and local folklore, then this is an ideal location for nature lovers.

Jakpur Maa Manasa temple

I have heard a lot about this temple. This temple is popular for jagrata devi Maa Manasa (Maa is actively present here to fulfill wishes for followers). Local people says if you wish with your heart, Maa will fulfill your dream. Whenever my train passing by this location, I usually notice devotees on the way to temple for darshan. So I had a wish to visit this place for Devi darshan and listen history behind it.

Today afternoon I was free, and I am out for a short trip. I board Medinipur Howrah local from Kharagpur station and get down immediately next station Jakpur. It is a beautiful village station surrounded by lush green paddy field. It looks nature has made this place so natural and simple.

On the way to Manasa Mandir

On the way to Manasa Mandir

I reached station around 3:30 pm. It being October end, sunshine was mild and soothing. Hence I plan to go for village walk. After coming out from Jakpur station. I asked a local shop for direction. Since it was afternoon , I couldn’t find any local van or rickshaw there. I could only see a village path meandering through paddy fields. I feel path is calling me to enjoy bucolic simplicity of rural Bengal. I come here to enjoy village walking, hence without a second thought I am on foot to cover 4 km distance. After some walk, I observed another person also following me. Later I came to know he is also on the way to temple. So I got my walking partner for next 30 min walk. We talked a lot about passion to explore new areas.

Around 4 pm we reached the Mandir. Local people called it Maa Manasa mandir. There was a altar at the center of temple and there is no roof top on the temple. Local people tell that this tempe will be kept like this without rooftop as per local tradition.

Legend of  Maa Manasa mandir

As per local saying, there was a temporary altar in this place 10 years back. New Mandir was build just four year back. Actually this area was covered with dense forest and long grass land. A herd of cattle from Jaminder came here for grazing. One day, jaminder’s mink man observed that cows were not giving milk when they come from jungle area. Jaminder ordered to check.  Cowmen later found that every day cows entered the nearby bush and jungle areas and give milk to someone inside the jungle. As per Hindu mythology , snakes can suck milk from cows. Later Maa Manasa appeared in dream of jaminder and ordered him to build temple in jungle area. That the first time makeshift platform build for Manasa puja. Many devotes from distance village started visiting this place and got wishes fulfilled.

Maa Managa Mandir -main entrance

Maa Managa Mandir -main entrance

One day a realtor on the way to business trip crossed this location while in train and his wished some thing sitting on train. His wishes  also got fulfilled. He then donated money to build this modern temple what you see today.

Main Altar- where pople offer puja to Maa Manasa

Main Altar- where pople offer puja to Maa Manasa

You wouldn’t find heavy sculpture here or eye catching arrangement, but simplicity of local environment and local people would surely make you fresh and mentally satisfied.


Distant view of rail track from temple

What to see here

1) enjoy village walk and surrounding environment

2) offer Puja  and feel device presence in rural place. And enjoy local tea.

3) On every Saturday and Thursday, many people come here for offering puja. Come here in morning time and enjoy pilgrimage while on walking.

4) there use be a big mela (village fair) once in a year. I forget the exact month for mela. But nature lover can avoid this time due to heavy rish

How to reach.

1) from kharagpur it is about 7 km. If you come by train , get down at Jakpur, and morning you can get some local van or Toto car.

2) From Madpur station you can book Toto van they charge 100-200 for one hour round trip journey.

3) From Kolkata and Howrah station, you can get down at Madpur station and take Toto car if you are in small group. Nature lover should drop at Jakpur and enjoy 40 min village walk.

4) Best season for tourists – winter is the best time. And avoid rainy season

5) Only local train ( Howrah -Kharagpur local or Howrah Medinipur local stops in Madpur or Jakpur station.

Note : it is a good place for nature lovers or pilgrims.


4 responses to “It’s my journey to connecting with rural mythology

  1. Balaknath Bhattacharyya's blog

    A good narration of the spot. Visuals of temple and surroundings are also feast to the eyes. It is worthy to experience a 4 km walk .

  2. Sandipan Polley

    Jai Maa Manasa Debi, Maa Brishohari Maa

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