In a Game of Throne – how to build your venture using online marketing?

The rules of games on the Internet are changing at the rapid pace. The rapid development on the internet creates the opportunity for many entrepreneurs to test his/her business idea by either opening a shop online or promoting his/her idea online. However, the game for the throne is the same. If you like to build your presence online, your need is creative in promoting your ideas/product online, and at the same time be passionate about what you are doing, and developing content, knowledge, and product/service based offering which meets customer demand profitably.

I was looking for a person or entrepreneur who can share her/his ideas about the rule for the game of throne. While teaching in my MBA marketing class, I shared stories of many successful entrepreneurs whom I met in my professional life. An idea immediately stuck in my mind, why not to call Dr. Rebecca Harwin to share her ideas/rules/experience with the students.

I called Dr. Rebecca Harwin who is a successful entrepreneur and doctor. I have worked with her on several projects in my corporate/industry days. I requested her to take a guest lecture via Skype with my Students on the following theme and topics

  • Sharing experience of her entrepreneurship journey
  • Challenges in building the online venture
  • Ideas in designing the effective digital marketing plan
  • Building brand in the highly competitive global market
  • Sharing some of your marketing tips with the students and participants

The Guest lecture was conducted at OPJU, Raigarh Campus on 10 October 2018. The whole session was very engaging. The enlightened speech of Dr. Rebecca was imbued with lots of case examples and sharing a personal experience she had during her decade-long journey as a doctor cum entrepreneur cum renowned author.

Author brief biodata

Dr. Rebecca Harwin is a Chiropractor, speaker, international author, and experienced clinician and writer, and has been helping people improve their health for many years. Using her marketing knowledge she grew her patient number from 50-60 to 160-180 visits per week within 18 months. She is also the founder of

She has appeared in magazines such as USA Today, Channel Nine Coach, SBS Life, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Fitness First, Women’s Health & Fitness, Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine, Body and Soul, CEO Magazine and Cleo, and on Today Tonight.

Her work has been frequently mentioned in Indian top leading newspapers like Time of India (in 2014), Bangalore Mirror, Deccan Herald, etc.

She is successful not only as a Doctor but also as an entrepreneur in helping thousands of women suffering from PCOS.

Key takes ways from the guest lecture

Guest Lecture by Dr. Rebecca Harwin over the Skype

Guest Lecture by Dr. Rebecca Harwin over the Skype

A) The journey of entrepreneurs:

  • Entrepreneurship journey is full of challenges, meeting with unexpected outcomes, meandering through the path of uncertainty. However, one should focus his/her vision to build something which she like most in her life.
  • Working hard to build knowledge and content surrounding your products/services. Her service to provide medical advice to women suffering from PCOS. She has developed her time in building content in the form of
    • PCOS book and blog
    • Course creation & more books
    • Creating a community
    • The study, study, seminars, webinars, books…
    • Hence, the journey is to establish credibility in her domain to help her patients. There is no shortcut route, but hard work and dedication can shorten your journey time to realize your vision.

B) An entrepreneur whether you are developing venture online or offline, you may often face some common challenges in building an online brand. Here she shared some challenges…

– Trying all the options and the feeling of overwhelming– initially, you are a single person CEO. Hence, there are “there’s so much to do”. You need to have a plan to focus on your core area and outsource some non-core activities.
– Ways to make it work: Find your own comfortable ways to work, but do not push hard to reach your goal. Set a target with reasons.
– Finding the right team (and communicating clearly with your team members. You are the entrepreneur, not them).
– Discovering what works for you! What works for other, may not work for you. Hence, open to learn from mistakes and be adaptive in finding the best workable solutions.
– Content creation: Whether your product is IT software, apps or medical consulting services. The main challenges to developing relevant contents to engage your prospects online.

– If you find people are asking the same question on the similar topic in your area, it’s a good time to develop a video or generate detailed infographics.

– Balance: need to focus on the quality of life, health (don’t burn out as I did in practice). Stop doing for sometimes, and take a break and be effective.


C) Share ideas in designing an effective digital marketing plan

– Start with your BIG idea (it may not be 100% failure proof idea! However, keep chasing it and be open to learn from mistakes and make changes accordingly)
– Aims, goals, your why (it’s hard work, remember your why or you won’t implement any plan)
– REALLY consider where you want to end up (a huge billion dollar business requires more than a lifestyle business, for example).
– RESEARCH… what need exists in the market? It is sometimes, you become enslaved in your own idea, look from your customers’ perspectives. Learn from observing your competitors. Do some competitor analysis.
– What needs to be done? If you love it, schedule it. If you don’t or can’t, outsource.
– You must TEST, MEASURE, TWEAK again and again (A/B split testing)
– Retargeting – knowing who are the guys looking for the products in your niches. Reach out to them with great products/service based content on regular basis.
– Be active on and interact with your social media community (no-one loves a dead site)
– Joint ventures: Who can you work with to grow your reach? If you a doctor, possibly you can volunteer for a social cause for improving social health conditions.
– Always opt for quality (but also progress over perfection)
Learn the value ladder… Freebie (report, video) -> Low paid (book, small video series) -> Middle level option (course, higher level video series) -> Higher price point (personal coaching, intensive course) -> Highest price point (Mastermind group, or done for your option)
Pay to get in front of your ideal, hot client who needs and can afford your service.
– Direct response is important online (I remember mentioning Dan Kennedy – Direct Response Guru – in my MBA marketing course. The lecturer hadn’t heard of him. Know there is a difference between online and traditional marketing approaches).

D) Building a brand in a competitive environment

  • Don’t be a me too!
  • Create a unique framework or offering with oodles of perceived value.
  • Educate your community, give a lot of value, bring yourself/your brand to the table
  • Share your journey

E) Some marketing tips for budding entrepreneurs

What works for you?
– Similarweb
– Clickbank and Amazon for successful companies you can model
– Funnel hack
– Help Out a Reporter   (get media coverage and then use it everywhere)
– Re-Use and repurpose
– Guest post on influential and less influential sites (for the exposure and the backlink)
– Follow Google best practices, always
– Focus (multitasking only scatters)
– If you’re getting started and need to do a lot yourself, work out the priorities, plan your path, get affordable and free tools to help (canva, picmonkey, schedule on social media (i.e Hootsuite)
– Link to a media story where appropriate and ethical to do so.
– My good friend Ben Angel says some people will love you, others will hate you, and that’s great. Because if you’re not polarising, people aren’t noticing or talking about you… He was advised by his dad if it doesn’t make you nervous, it’s not worth doing
– You will fail at something at some point. It’s only failure if you don’t learn and adapt.
Be stubborn.

Note: (The above views are shared by Dr. Rebecca Harwin during the Guest Lecture; we have taken her permission to post this information on my blog)
Dr. Harwin has also developed and maintained a strong social media presence, through Facebook (, Twitter (, Pinterest ( and YouTube.

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