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This is mentoring section – here I am sharing my views and mentoring tips with Indian youth for guiding them for better career .

Lakshya foundation- Believing in education for social empowerment

Believing in education for empowerment is main mission for Lakshya Foundation to spread the message of “Shikshai Sakti” among underprivileged section of our society and helping needy and meritorious students to realize their dream.

Students supported by  Lakshay Foundation

Students supported by Lakshay Foundation

To fulfill its mission, Lakshya Foundation, a reputed education NGO in Kolkata has organized its social function on 6th December, 2015 at Ramkrishna Pathagar in New Barrackpore.

Program highlights:

1.Medical camp for students: There was a medical camp in the morning inaugurated by Dr. Subed Roy and our organization members. There was a health check up session followed by guest lecture on “how to develop a healthy life even when you are with limited resources”. The objective of this session was to educate poor children about importance of healthy body for overall development. At the end of medical session, our members handed over medical kits to 25 students.

Inauguration of Medical camp

Inauguration of Medical camp

Medical camp -Lakshya Foundation

Medical camp -Lakshya Foundation

2.Evening session: distribution of education items to needy and meritorious students.

Our evening session was started at 6 pm evening with the august presence of Swami Joytipriya Nanda Maharaj from Ramkrishna Mission New Barrackpore Brunch. We are also honored to get Shri Balaknath Bhattacharjee, a reputed social worker and teacher as our special guest.

Evening programs - Swamiji our chief Guest

Evening programs – Swamiji our chief Guest

Swamiji taught us the importance of education in our overall development, and explained how students can develop mental and physical health through righteous activities and dedication. Sri Balaknath sir shared how giving back to society could be a divine experience and that could lead to empower the community.

Lakshya foundation secretary Gobinda Roy shared history of Lakshya Foundation and its future work plan for empowering society. Our president Chiranjib Sarkhel and vice Secretary Tanusree Roy shared how Lakshya worked in last few months to reach needy students and supported inclusive growth.

Our others members also shared thire ideas and views with students and present audience about lakshya initiatives. The whole program was conducted by our lead team member Pritam Bhattacharjee, founder of wordsmith communication.

At the end of this programs, we delivered education kits consist of bags , notebooks , pen set , geometry boxes, etc. to 25 students based on their needs.

Our resources are limited, but our lakshya (goal) is to reach unlimited students who need small support and guidance for joining main stream life.  Today we again take pledge to reach more numbers of students for helping them to realize their dream. Hope we will get your presence and guidance for this endeavor.

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Mentoring youth: my small nonprofit initiative to help Indian youth for better career.

India has been facing the toughest time since Independence. Economy has been performing at sub optimal level. Today (21St August, 2013) , Indian currency have reached lowest level at Rs.64.09/USD . Economic policies are not strong enough to bring some relief to Economy in near future. So there a long uncertain period for students in India .

mentoring youth

mentoring youth

I have noticed many students passed out from reputed professional degree colleges are looking for jobs. Situation is very grave for less known private and tier II engineering colleges. Even thousands of MBA students are yet to get jobs in corporate. They don’t know to move in their career paths. I have mentored over 100 start ups and coached over 1000 students. Today ,  I have found students are looking for good guidance . This is tough economic situation, and youths want

1. How plan for study/courses for better career?

2. How to get job after graduation?

3. What to select as career path – join an MBA course or foot into corporate straight from Campus   ? (I have coached few students from NITs, IITs )

4. How to make a better career move while on job?

5. How to manage career path during recession? ( Look ,  I am not a guru to teach golden rule , just share some tips to overcome some situation .)

I have seen these questions pop up not only in 10 + 2 students, but also students from premier Institutes such as NIT, IIT , ( in fact ) students from few Top end business schools .

This is my non-profit initiative, so I keep some time free for helping my students. Again I am not an  expert in this field , I am advising them based on Industry experience , Entrepreneurship experience , mentorship experience at IIM , IITs and my own social venture .

I will come with topics and issues and share my views for your information. If these help you, then that will be my fees for this initiatives .