Trip to Sundarban – a forest journey to experience presence of tiger and legends of Bonbibi

Our trip to Sunderban- experience in enjoying swampy forest infested with Tigers, snakes and crocodiles. 

If you like to explore Kolkata and nearby tourists places, it would not be completed without visiting Sundarban, the largest delta abounded with deadly snakes, crocodiles, and Royal Bengal tiger. This time I have got tour offer from my friend Chiranjib and Arijit (Khoka). They offered a group tour to visit Sundarban on hired boat. I immediately agreed, as I know that I can’t visit this place as a solo traveler or in a single family. It’s better to go in a group. Hence, we planned our 2N/3D tour in Sundarban during 14th January to 16th January, 2017.

We are so excited to explore this forest delta in a group. We planned a lot for maximum coverage of this Delta with limited time, budget, and safety.

Journey from Kolkata to Sundarban

You cannot reach Sundarban directly by train or bus. Nature has projected this dense forest from human invasion by separating it by series of rivers and tributaries.

From Kolkata, the last rail head is Canning station. And there are plenty of buses from Kolkata taking you to Gosaba. From Gosaba you can take boat for Sundarban.

In our case, we reached Canning railway station via Sealdha. From Sealdha, there two morning Canning train (6:30 am and 7:42 am) taking you to canning station by 9 am. We are 20 members in our tour. We boarded into 6:30 am local from Sealdha. It was like picnic mood on train. We were excited for possible meet with tiger in deadly forest. We reached canning at 9 am.

Our team at Channing station before starting out journey into Sundarban Forest

Our team at Canning station before starting out journey into Sundarban Forest

Sundarban Trip #1 ; Canning to Dhamakhali journey

This is second lap of journey on land. From canning you can reach either Dhamakhali or goskhali or Gosaba by auto or bus. But our launch is waiting at Dhamakhali. Hence, we come out from station and headed towards auto stand.

Outside the station, we have seen a big signboard telling snake bite help lines. It signifies the terror of snakes in the local people. Some of us got frightened and looked for tiger bite help lines. But no sign of it found nearby. It seemed tigers never allowed its prey to call helpline. If one comes under his jaw, he has to donate his life. Anyway, we are boarded on auto for Dhamakhali for 27 km ride through villages on the both side.On the way we crossed Matla river.  Initial 17 km journey was smooth. Next 10 km journey was a bumpy ride through fish ponds (vaery) on both sides. Finally, we reached Dhamakhali after 1.2 hours journey at 10:30 AM.

our boat at Dhamakhali , other side is Sandeshkhali

Our boat at Dhamakhali , other side is Sandeshkhali

At Dhamakhali

Our guide on board Sujanda greeted us there at nearby lodge. All foods are loaded on the boat. We have found Barasat – Dhamakhali are also plying in this route. But from canning station, it is best to come by either Canning- Dhamakhali bus or by shared auto service. It was 11 AM, and finally we started for an island called Pakhiralaya sundarban deep inside the forest.

Our family on boat and all team member in full mood to meet tiger at jungle. Khokada is danchinh on the deck

Our family on boat and all team member in full mood to meet tiger at jungle. Khokada is dancing on the deck

Sundarban Trip #2 : Journey from Dhamakhali to Pakhiralaya

It was a 4 hours journey by boat. We are sailing across river Raymangala. Spread of river was big. Still we could see the distant villages. Breakfast was served on the board. We are all getting settled inside cabin and chair are placed on the top deck for jungle views. After few minute sailing, we entered into deep forest area and both side of the river was covered with jungle. Mobile signals got disappeared. In between tea and snack are severed. We are planning final Sundarban travel trips for next 2 days.

Our boat journey towards Pakhiralaya along Raymongala River

Our boat journey towards Pakhiralaya along Raymongala River

Mangrove forests welcomes us from both sdies

Mangrove forests welcomes us from both sdies

Lunch time came; we finished our lunch on deck with spectacular jungle views, occasional views of fishing boats, and swampy river banks. Jungle views were not intimidating so far.   Kids in our group become impatient to see tigers and other wild beast. We made them clam by saying wilds are sleeping after lunch. Since we are going against high tides, our boat speed was slowed. About 3 pm we reached Pakhiralaya spot. The whole day journey to reach the jungle resort island made us tired.   We are expecting lots of pakhi (birds) would on site. Inspire a hanging and almost broken stairs from jetty chat welcomed us there. Cemented stairs from jetty also tilted onside. You need have a great balancing power to reach the bank while using this jetty ghat


This is a beautiful island just close to Sajnekhali Island. Most of boats from Gosaba, Godkhali, and Dhamakhali take halt here before starting jungle cruise. When we walked in the village market of Pakhiralaya , it was 5 PM. From jetty Ghat , we could see the distant view of Sajnekhali. In fact, it is opposite of the river. In Pakhiralaya Island, we checked 2-3 hotels for the night stay. Finally, we selected Hotel Mangrove Inn. We booked a 18 bed dormitory for night stay. It was really a very nice dormitory with ample space and 4 toilets. Food counter were located in opposite lawn in the garden. In fact, this my first experience to stay at dormitory. All families were sharing fears and fun together about tomorrow’s jungle adventure. We went bed early for regaining full energy for tomorrow’s day long cruise deep inside the jungle.

Pakhirala jetty ghat

Pakhirala jetty ghat

We are reaching Pakhiralaya Sunderban

We are reaching Pakhiralaya Sunderban

Pakhiralaya market- enjoying evening walk in the market

Pakhiralaya market- enjoying evening walk in the market

Hotel Mangrove Inn - in Pakhiralaya

Hotel Mangrove Inn – in Pakhiralaya

Enjoying Garden Dinner in lawn of our hotel Mangrove Inn

Enjoying Garden Dinner in lawn of our hotel Mangrove Inn

View of Raymonganala and nearby island from Pakhiralaya Jetty ghat

View of Raymonganala River and nearby islands from Pakhiralaya Jetty ghat

Sunset at Pakhiralaya

Sunset at Pakhiralaya

Sundarban Trip #3: Journey to deep forest in Sajnekhali Island                

Next day morning, we get up early; boat is waiting in the river. After tea break at hotel we headed towards jetty ghat at 8 am morning. In the morning, we could see a clear view of Sajnekhali Island from Pakhiralaya jetty ghat. We will go to that destination first. Out launch started and anchored at Sajnekhali Island.

We are at Sajnekhali island - journey started from here

We are at Sajnekhali island – journey started from here

From here we entered into the tiger reserve forest. Our guide obtained pass for all members from here. Before venturing into jungle, we have to take pass from forest department here. The famous Sajnekhali tourist lodge located here. But you have to book in advance. Our boat anchored in a protected jetty ghat.  Nobody lives on this island outside this protected area except wild beasts. Inside the forest office, you we have seen Mangrove Interpretation center. Crocodile pond,  Bonobibi temple, and  wild lizards pond.

Mangrove Interpretation center

Mangrove Interpretation center

Normally, forest office charges 30 per head for park visit. But for one day pass per boat, entry fees are included. I enjoyed mangrove concentration center. Tale a photo of all types of mangroves as this will help me to identify mangroves deep inside the jungle. Park is open till 4 pm evening. After 30 minutes stay at Sajnekhali Island , we boarded on boat  for next spot Sudhanyakhali.

Map of Sundarban - I found this map very useful

Map of Sundarban – I found this map very useful (this was displayed in front of Interpretation center)

Sundarban Trip #4: Sajnekhali Island to Sudhanyakhali journey

Standing  at Sajnekhali  ferry ghat,  we could see distant view of Pakhiralaya. Boat driver told us that sometime tigers swim this river to reach the other side of villages. We again boarded on the boat and finished our breakfast on the deck. Boat started sailing for  Sudhanyakhali  camp. After 15 min drive, we reached the core area of forest. Now we are sailing along the Vidya Rivers. Both sides of the river are covered with dense forest. We could see different types of mangroves on the left bank. Our boat is keeping 20 ft distance from the border line of deep jungle. We now can see many infamous creeks entering into the deep forest. Entry paths of those creeks are covered with nets so that fishing boats cannot enter into deep jungle for crabs and honeys. If lucks favors, we can see the glimpse of tigers at the swampy river bank.

Our journey towards Sudhanyakhali - many boats are joing with us

Our journey towards Sudhanyakhali – many boats are joining with us

On the river bank near the jungle, we observed board indicated name Pirkhali, driver informed we are now leaving main stream of vidya river and take left side tributary to reach Sudhanyakhali . Now real thrill has been starts. Here jungles on both sides come close to our boats. Rivers is not wide here. We see many types of mangroves both side. Notably golapata, sundhari, Goran all covered both river banks. We observed many big fruits are hanging from trees. But, could not identify what type of trees these are. All lady members came on front deck; all are enjoying mild sun burn on the deck. They started antakshari on board. Boat is meandering through tributary. I was on front deck reading local book about Bonobibi and local folklore.

irkhali -our boat takes left trun towards Sudhanyakhali camp. Deep forest both sides.

Pirkhali -our boat takes left trun towards Sudhanyakhali camp. Deep forest both sides.

Jetty ghat at Sudhanyakhali camp

Jetty ghat at Sudhanyakhali camp

Tea was served on board.  I was reading history of Bono bibi, Dakhin Roy, and Maajonghi. It was an awesome experience to read local history while sipping tea and watching deep forest in both sides of the boat are crossing by. Suddenly, our boat stops near a creek. I wondered what happened. Guide whisper “sir, just look through the creek. We saw small team of dears grazing on the land inside jungle. We stopped there and suddenly they departed that place. We saw some undulation of tree tops on the backs. Guide hinted driver to start boat and   take it to the mid river. Later guide informed that there might be wild beast around. Since river is narrow, it better to maintain safe distance from riverbank.

Different types of Mangroves in Sundarban

Different types of Mangroves in Sundarban – I mentioned here as I used this image to locate different types of mangroves during jungle journey- Just look at Hental and Keora – both are favorite place for tiger habitat

I felt unlucky as we could have stayed there to see a tiger to kill his pray. However, guide advised to maintain safe distance for safety. This is very popular place for tigers watching.

Old ship parked at Sudhanyakhali camp

Old ship parked at Sudhanyakhali camp

We reached Sudhanyakhali after 1 hour boating. We observed a old ship anchored in this place, it may be  a victim of infamous Aila storm that ravaged Sundenban delta few years  back.. There is a watch tower and observed a panoramic views of mangroves all around , narrow stretches of creeks, and deep forests. In this place, Forrest office nicely presented various mangroves plantation with proper labeling.   We stayed there for 30 minutes. While retiring to jetty ghat we paid our tribute to Bonbibi darga.

View from Sudhanyakhali watch tower - tigers are coming here for drinking water

View from Sudhanyakhali watch tower – tigers are coming here for drinking water

Sundarban Trip #5: Journey to Dobanki

View from Sudhanyakhali watch tower - tigers are coming here for drinking water

View from Sudhanyakhali watch tower – tigers are coming here for drinking water

After Sudhanyakhali , our boat took the main journey through core jungle area in Sunderban.  Driver informed it take another 1-2 hours journey to reach Dobanki camp. Our boat took more narrow path of a tributary. Jungle on both sides comes close to our boat. We keep our eye open for looking beasts on the river bank. This area is really dreadful  dense forest and uncanny silence on both sides make nerve alert for any possible darshan of wild beasts nearby on the river bank.

Dobanki Camp journey - jungle on both sides come close to boat

Dobanki Camp journey – jungle on both sides come close to boat

We are at Dobanki Camp

We are at Dobanki Camp

Our family at Dobanki Camp -just before starting canopy walk

Our family at Dobanki Camp -just before starting canopy walk

In sunderban, there is a popular saying, you me be looking for tiger on river bank or in jungle, but Dakhin roy (tiger) is watching you from deep jungle. Kids stopped playing now. All are anxiously waiting for some darshan of wild animal either in jungle or river bank or in river. I was standing on the front desk of boat. All of a sudden, our team manager Chiranjib silently pointed a swampy land see through the creek. Yes, we observed a big crocodile (about 2-3 meter long) taking rest in sunlight on the bank. Our boat stopped engine and went close to creek. Yes, I could see the giant crocodile taking sunbath on riverbank.  We stopped sometime there. On the way we saw deer and wild hen. But we could not find any trace of Royal Bengal tiger.

Crocodile on sea bank at Dobanki Camp

Crocodile on sea bank near Dobanki Camp

On the both sides, we found various types of mangroves sharing the riverbank and water was covering the base of dense mangroves forests. After 20 minutes water journey we reached Dobanki  camp. This is very popular tourist spot in the deep jungle. Boat left us on jetty connecting to the forest office on the land. Both side covered with iron mesh as this is located just deep inside the forest.

Canopy walk at Dobanki camp

Main attraction of this place is canopy walk through a 20 feet elevated path through the deep mangroves forests. After disembarking at jetty, we went to watch tower. From here you can have spectacular view of Sunderban deep forest. From the watch tower,  we took elevated path covered with iron mesh. We could see food steps of many wild animals roaming near the path. Someone tells we may see tiger in this area coming for water in the morning or in evening time. But it was 2:00 PM  pm. Hence no trace of tiger around. We all are stranding on an extended platform near path. On the bottom below 20 feet’s there is deep jungle. . All of asudden we heard a sound as someone smashing bushes nearby. We got curious, but we are feeling safe as we are inside mesh. Then suddenly we saw a big deer coming out of one side of jungle and quickly vanish in other side. That was really an awesome experience to see animal are roaming in deep jungle and we are inside a case to watch their lives.

View of Canopy walk from watch tower at Dobanki Camp

View of Canopy walk from watch tower at Dobanki Camp

We spent another 30 minutes there and moved to jetty ghat to board the launch. It was 2:30 PM by that time. Our next destination is Jharkhali.

Sundarban tour#6: Journey to Jharkhali

This place becomes increasingly popular among Sunderban tourist in the recent time. This is famous for 3 reasons. First, it is close to forest area. In fact, you get many boats to venture into islands deep inside the forests. Second, this is most famous for recently built tiger rehabilitation center. Forest department keep wounded tigers here for treatment and release them after necessary treatment . Third, it is very nice picnic spot just very close to hear of Sunderban jungle.

Our journey towards Jahrkhali - confluence of rivers

Our journey towards Jahrkhali – confluence of rivers

From Dobanki camp, our launch entered into a large river confluence. Here we could vast water body on both sides of our launch. It seems 2-3 rivers meet here. We were on our boat deck. We finished our lunch on the boat before disembarking on land. After 1 hours water journey, we reached Jharkhali around 300 pm. From the launch we could see distant view of tiger rehabilitation center, mangrove forests and   watch tower protruding out of jungle top.

Jharkhali island - distant view of watch tower from boat

Jharkhali island – distant view of watch tower from boat

When reached jetty and observed local mela organized in the name of Bonbibi. Path connecting to jetty, covered with food stalls and are selling foods to travelers. Many boats from deep jungle islands stopped here with jungle tourists for tiger Darshan.   Moreover, this is well connected with Kolkata and other places in Gosaba.

After some brisk walk along the fields which are used for cultivating different types of mangroves in sunderban, we reached a tiger rehabilitation center. Entry fees is RS  30 per head and open up to 4pm ( they sell ticket up to 4 pm) we entered the center and observed watch tower on the right side. It was closed then because of renovation work. We saw one big royal Bengal tiger which was taken here from forest for treatment few weeks back. In the whole day, we at last saw tiger of Sunderban. It was a vicarious feeling as this tiger is real tiger just taken from forest and would be released to forest soon.  On the back side of tiger camp, we saw two forest bungalows for tourist. Kids from our team spend some times for rides in nearby park.

Tiger rehabilitation center at Jharkhali

Tiger rehabilitation center at Jharkhali – this tiger would be released  into jungle after treatment

It was 5 pm by then and park was closed for visitors. We came out and moved to jetty for our return journey to pakhirala. It was sunset time. We were again on boat for return journey. Evening tea was served and we were observing sunset over the jungle.

Sunset over the Sundarban jungle at Jharkhali

Sunset over the Sundarban jungle at Jharkhali

Driver informed technical problems in our boat. Hence, we started late around 530 pm from jharkhali to our jungle destination pakhiralaya . Darkness already covered the river and nearby jungle area. It was Makar sankranti night. Cool breeze was flowing over the river. Jungle becomes more mystic. We are on the top deck of our boat.  Moon would  come appear in the sky soon. Driver told it would take 3 hours to reach pakhiralaya .

Both sides of the river were covered with deep jungle. Regular tourist boats were absent by then as we were late to start our boat due to technical problem in our boat. We started after sometime, when main driver informed that boat problem was rectified. So we gathered happily on the top deck of the boat in an adda mood with our co-driver  and listening old folklore and historical narrative of jungle, tigers, and struggle of local people.

But, after few minutes journey, our boat got stranded on the river bed due to low tide. We had to spend fearful 2 hours on a stranded boat deep inside the forest. It was 8 pm night. Big moon declared her presence in sky. In the moon light deep jungle on both sides looked more romantic and equally dangerous. After some time, high tide came and we started our journey. When reached pakhiralaya, it was 10 pm night. Care taker of our hotel stood at jetty ghat and anxiously waiting for us. We foot onto jetty and be assured that we were safe. Our day long journey ended with a tasty dinner and finally went to bed safely. We tanked Bonbibi for ensuring our safety during this Sunderban trip.

We could not get change t o have look of tiger in jungle, perhaps,  tiger was might be watching us through the narrow jungle creek. Watching tiger on river bank may be the next event  in our next trip in sunderban.

Sunderban sightseeing and travel tips: 

Sundarban tour guide: Some important information for travelers:

1) Best time to visit Sundarban: From September to March every year. In winter, there are greater chance of seeing tiger, crocodile and other animal on river bank. In September, weather would be more humid. But you can enjoy heavy current of rivers. It is better to avoid rainy season and summer time. In summer, there is always chance of facing Kalbaisakhi (local Strom). It is dangerous to venture into jungle through river path during this time.

2) How to reach Sundarban ?

You can reach Sunderban delta through various routes. We have reached Sunderban via Dhamakhali. But, it is better to reach core jungle via launch thorough Gosaba or Gadkhali. From these places, you can reach Sajnekhali by launch in 2-3 hours.

3) Where to stay in Sunderban ?

Based on my travel experience, I have found pakhiralaya is the best place to have night halt. There are about 35 different budget hotels in that location. We did not book our hotel in advance and it was Saturday night. Hence demand was peak. Still we managed to book our hotel there after checking 2-3 hotels. We stayed in Hotel Mangroves in and it is very close to pakhiralaya jetty chat. There is small market near jetty ghat. We did our evening shopping here. In fact, I always look for books shared local folklore and fables. This land is famous for Bonbibi. Hence, I grabbed a copy of Bonbibi upkhaan ( legend of Bonbibi) written by local author.

Again for hotels in pakhiralaya, I feel you can try your luck if reach here in non pick season.

4) Approximate budget for Sundarban tour

It depends on which travel agency you have chosen to visit there. We spent about INR 2500 per person for 2N/3D tour. It is very cheap as it was managed by our local friends group. This tour cost INR 4000 – 5000 if you book from outside agency.

Please check their itenary before booking the same. In fact, if you have about 20 members in your team, you can arrange your personal trip by hiring boat and cooking facility from local market.

5) Some myths and facts about Sunderban tiger and sunderban tour

Sundarban tiger facts

Some interesting facts  you should know about Sundarban tiger while you meandering though deep jungle creeks for quick meet up with tiger.

When you cruising through treacherous creeks in Sundarban, you keep yourself alerted for possible darshan of dakhin roy (local name of sunderban tiger). But, what is the best time to get darshan (visit) of a tiger?

I have shared some facts of Sunderban tiger, especially their habit and daily touring activities. Here are some interesting facts

1) Sundarban tiger moves 4.6 km per day.

2) Home range popularly  designated  by the area where tigers catch their preys is  57 sqr km (female tiger) to 110 sqr km .( for male tiger)

3) Peak activity of tiger. In Sundarban, tigers are very active during morning I.e. from 5 am to 10 am. Hence , you are peeing into deep mangrove forests near hetal tree or sundari trees during this time. There is good  chance to get welcomed by tiger. So be careful this time. When we visited Sundarban, we knew that we could see tiger in the evening or night. But in night tigers to to bed after day long marathon. Hence, most of reports of tiger attack in sunderban happened between 7 am and noon.

Sunderban tigers prey base mainly consists of deer. Deers are diurnal in nature. That forces tigers to hunt preys in morning. Hence, tigers are very active in morning. However, tigers in Russia and in other part of SE Asia are nocturnal in nature as prey base are very active in night.

4) Though tigers are good swimmers, still they are reluctant to cross big channel or rivers. Tigers in swampy forest like Sundarban cross about 5 channels or creek per day. In fact, in Sunderban preys are so abundant, a tiger , can satisfy its hunger after few hours of strolling.

( source, public library of science journal. 2017) reported in times of India.

How to reach Sundarban from Kolkata

There are many ways you can reach sunderban. I have found many questions raised online about route information for reaching sunderban

A) Reaching Sundarban from Sealdah

Sealdah is the second most busy train terminal in Kolkata. From Sealdah many trains run up to canning, the last railway station near Sundarban. Every one hour you get Sealdah-Canning local to reach canning station. From here, you can take bus , auto to reach various islands near Sundraban’s core jungle area. Best way to reach these islands just take bus or auto for either Dhamakhali, Gosaba, Godkhali.

Canning to Dhamakhali : you can reach Dhamakhali from canning by auto or bus. It  is a 28 km journey on road and you can take either bus or auto to reach Dhamakhali. Just come out from Canning Railway station, you can get bus from main road connected to station. You can ask anyone for bus direction. In the morning, you get 2-3 buss from Canning Railway station for Dhamakhali.

However, if you like to avail shared auto, then you need to walk at least 200 metre towards Matla bridge to reach auto stand. They talk about 10 people per auto. Charges 30 rs per head for 28 km journey. If you get sitting place in bus, better you avail that as the last 18 km road near Dhamakhali is really very bad. Plan your journey  accordingly. From here you can reach Pakhirala in 4-5 hours.

Canning to Gosaba : This route is good. From here you can reach Pakhirala in 2-3 hours by boat. You can plenty of buses and shared autos to reach Gosaba.

Canning to Gadkhali : this very nice route. Road condition is very good. From here pakhirala is also 2-3 hours boat journey. We booked auto from this place while returning to canning station. The whole auto can charge rs 400. -600 for booking.

I strongly suggest to avail this route to reach Sundarban from canning station.

B) Reaching Sundarban from Howrah : if you reach Howrah railway station, from there you can take bus or taxi to reach Sealdah station. From Sealdah  you take local trains to reach Canning station.

C) Outside Bengal: if you are coming from the rest part of India outside Bengal. Then you can take trains to reach either Sealdah or Howrah station. Once you reach there, you can take trains for Canning and follow the directions mentioned above.

By Air) Nearest airport  in Kolkata is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose international airport (Dum Dum Ariport). From here you can take cab to reach Sonakhali, Canning, Namkhana, Raidighi. From here can access waterways to reach sunderban jungle.

D) Bus routes for Sundarban:

From barasat  :  if you like to catch bus from Barasat, Airport, VIP  road or Ultadanga ,  you get Barasat Dhamakhali state transport bus to reach Dhamakhali. From there you get launch to reach the heart of sunderban delta. Again, this is a long road journey.

From Husnabad : few boats are plying between Sundarban and Husnabad route via Ichamati river. But I am not sure how much time they take to reach popular tourist destinations in sunderban.

By bus from Calcutta city : many buses are plying on a daily basis between Kolkata ( K. C. Das at Esplanade) and Sonakhali port near Sunderban.

In my opinion, train journey is comfortable to reach SundArban from Kolkata.



Ranchi tour: Journey to a land of waterfalls where legend and history creates an aura.

Ranchi is a land which is famous for its  history, legends, natural beauty and hometown of famous cricket MS Dhoni. This is holiday season, travel crazy Bengali’s are out with backpack and kids to enjoy holiday locations in and around Kolkata. This winter I have chosen Ranchi because it is close to Kolkata and many historical events are attached with this state capital and  small hill town near Kolkata.

Ranchi history : Some interesting facts about Ranchi 

As per local legend, Ranchi name was derived from “Archi” when a local farmer farmer drove out an evil spirit with bamboo stave. Evil shouted Arhci before leaving this place. And this place become Ranchi.

Since Ranchi is a part of the Chota Nagpur plateau, Many water falls are created by river at the edge of plateau. Ranchi is popularly known as the “City of Waterfalls” because of its numerous waterfalls, the most well known of which are Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls, and Panchghagh Falls.

Through this blog I like to share my experience with my readers and helping them to select Ranchi in your next short tourist destination.


Hundru falls in “The City-of-water-falls” Ranchi

Ranchi tour guide: Why have I selected Ranchi for our short family trip?

It is again subjective decision based on your taste. I have selected this location of top three reasons.

1) It is very close to close to Kolkata and tucked away by 430 km by train route. So for 2-3 days break, you come here with your family. It is a over night train journey.

2) It is a right place if you like enjoy history of Chinnamasta devi and beauty of hundhru falls. History and nature are same place to take your breath away.

3) From here you can go Netarhut to enjoy pristine beauty of hill town and unparalleled experience of watching sunrise and sunset. From here you can go for Betla forest trip.if you have 4 to 5 days time , you can plan Ranchi- Neturhat-belta forest trip. Hence history, jungle and hilltop views all are offered at the same location.

How to reach Ranchi?

Kolkata Ranchi route

Kolkata Ranchi route

Ranchi is well connected with major cities by roads, air and rails. But question is “how to reach Ranchi from Kolkata?”We have reached here by train from Kolkata. There are 3 main train running daily from Ranchi and Kolkata/Howrah.

  • 18628/Ranchi – Howrah Intercity Express (via Dhanbad)
  • 18616/Kriya Yoga Express
  • 12020/Ranchi – Howrah Shatabdi Express

I found Kriya Yoga Express more suitable for tourists as far as timing and pricing are concerned.

Hotels in Ranchi: How to find best hotels in Ranchi?

I like to share my honest experience with readers in this post. Since I was traveling in peak time in last week of December 2016. I was little bit apprehensive about availability of good hotels in that place at reasonable price.

Hotels in Ranchi Station road area.

Hotels in Ranchi Station road area. You can find many good hotels in this area.

I was searching in Goibibo and Makemytrips. In fact these websites are inflating prices. There are 3 types hotels. For top hotels you can definitely book from hotel booking  websites. For medium range hotels you can book over phone. I was looking for hotels in 1000 to 1500 range. What I found on travel booking sites in this range, that actually cost about 700 – 1000 range if you book that offline.

I have interacted few travel agents and local people here. You won’t find mad rush of tourists here even in very peak seasons. In that respect,  there are plenty of hotels in Ranchi.

1) Premium hotels: Many quality hotels located along Ranchi station roads. After coming out from platform number 1, you find a two way lane just running across rail tract separated by rail wall. 100 meter from rail station  you can locate at least 40 hotels located along the station roads.

2) Few good hotels : Hotel Benna in , Hotel AVN plaza, Hotel Element, You can found few 3 star hotels in this water. All within 100 meters.

3) Budget hotels. Hotel Amrit, Hotel konark, hotel bliss regency. If you walk about 800 meters, you find many budget hotels.

4) I have seen few more hotels near over bridge areas. It about 1 km from station road. I have found big shopping complex near over bridge. I have found many more budget hotels in this area.

However, I have stayed in Hotel Amrit, 200 meter from station located in station road areas. They charge 1000 -1500 for deluxe room and 1500 to 2000 for AC double bed room. For non ac doubles bed they charged around 800/_.

As per local reference, you can try hotel Konark for budget travelers, and hotel Bella in for good comfort stay.

Some base pricing in budget and semi luxury hotels

Double bed : 600 – 800

Deluxe- 1000 – 1500

Ac double bed- above 1000

Best restaurant in this area, undoubtedly two names come up for tourists 

1) Sunny restaurant for pure vegetarian foods

2) Punjabi Rosoi for veg and non veg foods.

Both are located near Hotel Amrit along station road and very close to station.

Hotels booking tips : trust me, you wound not find mad rush of tourists here even in pick season. Hence, if you have time, you come here and check 2-3 hotels before you finalize the deals. After all it not like Darjeeling or Gangtok.

Ranchi sightseeing and outside city tour

Ranchi tour -Day 1 : we have planned day long outside trip with our family. I have discussed few friends and local agents before finalizing travel itinerary. We have booked sedan for a day long trip as we are 4 members in our family. Driver Mukesh also shared his views about tour plan before start the journey. He charged INR 2000 for covering 4 major spots in a day long trip.

A) Chinnamasta mandir.

This is famous sidhi peth and famous pilgrimage destination. Goddess Chinnamasta temple  is a hindu famous pilgrimage centre and located in Rajrappa, Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. Devotees from different states like Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal come here to offer puja.

On the way to Chinnamasta Mandir

On the way to Chinnamasta Mandir

Our journey started at 8;15 AM. This temple is 70 km away from Ranchi city and located along Ranchi purulia highway. It is 28 km away from Ramgarh Cantonment along NH-23 in the Ramgarh district of the State of Jharkhand

Entering Chinnamasta mandir area.

Entering Chinnamasta mandir area.

We were very excited about this temple. Chinnamasta is also called as Chhinnamastika and Prachanda Chandika. She is only  goddess who beheaded her own head and holding her own severed head and bledding neck make the whole darshan more dreadful. As if some Tantrik baba is waiting to grab some prey to offer it to Maa.

After starting from hotel driver took NH 33 road and reached Shivaji chowck after 10 km drive. This is big junction from here you can take roads to reach major distant cities like Jamshedpur, Ramghar, etc. We have taken road to Ramghar. Before reaching toll plaza we have taken roads towards Sikidri road. It took few more km to reach Rajrappa. However, I recommend this road to enjoy beauty of rural lives, hilly village trail. Along this path you can reach hundru fall. We reached sikidri hill top. In fact, hundru fall originated from this Plataea area. From here we can see the vast valley down. We started climbing down towards planes.

Views from Sikidri Hill top

Views from Sikidri Hill top

After 10 km drive, we reached Gola  station area and leaving behind hilly trail of sikidri cantonment area. After crossing Gola bazaar area, we took right to another 10 km. Finally we reached Chhinnamasta Temple around 1030 am.

We have parked our car and took the path to cross a hilly stream to reach temple premise.

Chinnamasta temple has long history to cherish. When I read first time about this place, I felt it might be inside jungle. Uncanny environment would prevail and frighten us during our visit. I was expecting some tantrik baba would be around with red eyes and chanting mantra for offering some sacrifices on alter. Satyajit Roy had chosen this location for shooting of chinnamasta aabhisap.

Offering puja at Chinnamasta temple

Offering puja at Chinnamasta temple

I was proved wrong as many things have been changed. Flocks of pilgrims with smart phone took snaps of temples. Tantric s were not insight. But puajaris were busy in managing puja and queue.

There is a nice platform build near the mandir and by the side of the river. This location has a special  significance. From the platfrom, we can see union of Bhairavi nadi (female) coming from top, meeting Damodar nada (male) signifying vipareeta rati ( opposite coppulation) pose as described in Devi Chhinnamasta’s dhyana (vipareeta rataturam). Damodar is very calm and Bhairavi is the active member. We could see some boating down in the Damodar river.

Views of Bhairavi and Damodar river from Chinnamasta Temple top

Views of Bhairavi and Damodar river from Chinnamasta Temple top

We then moved to main Chinnamasta temple and there was a moderate queue. When we entered the main temple area, we could not find any sign of Maa Chinnamasta. Pujaris are clamoring for dakshina and they hardly allow you to stand there for a minute. Anyway, I closed my eye and feel the blessing of Maa Chinnamasta.

Astha Mandir in chariot style . Nice place to visits near Chinnamasta Temple

Astha Mandir in chariot style . Nice place to visits near Chinnamasta Temple

What to see Chinnamasta temple in Ranchi 

1) Chinnamasta temple. Is located near the small rivulet flowing down the rocks. Morning time you offer puja and there was not much queue that time.

2) Next to temple, you will find Astha Mandir consists of  series of temples in  a chariot fashion.

3) I have located some boating scheme down the river. Since we have limited time we have not tried that options.

You can spend 2 hours time to offer puja and enjoy environment around

B) Hundru falls

We have covered the distant location ( Chinnamasta temple) first and started for Hundru fall while returning for Ranchi. It is 45 km  from Ranchi, along  the Ranchi-Purulia Road.  From Gola bazaar, we again drove up to reach Sikidri top and turned left and drove about 10 km through tribal village to reach fall. On the way we observed paddy fields, 2-3 km jungle to reach main gate of fall. It was 1:30 pm. We finished our lunch here. Very tasty Bengali thali  here at very reasonably rate. We took entry ticket ( rs 5 per ticket) and claimed down the 700 stairs to reach the base of fall. The scenic beauty of fall and valley erased our tiredness.

Hundru fall- awesome views

Hundru fall- awesome views

The Hundru Falls is 98 metres (322 ft) in height and is created on the course of the Subarnarekha River, and it is one of the highest water falls in the state. The spectacular scene of water falling from such a great height has been described as a sight to behold.  In rainy season, it takes dreadful image and it becomes a popular picnic spot in winter. We climbed down about 600 steps to reach the bottom of the fall. There is a private arrangment of boating in the water near the falls. We spend around 30 minuted there. And reached the hill top by 3:30  pm.

C) Getalsud dam :

It  is a off beat location. From the fall it is 20 km jungle ride. On the both side we have observed jungle of shawl and other big tress. In one location driver informed us that is area was infested with snakes. No animals enter here. We park our car close to jungle and looking at mud lumps near big tress to have a distant look of poisonous snake. But it was 4 pm hence drove  headed towards dam. We directly drove onto dam. It is a 3 km ride along dam. Left side big dam reservoir covering areas up to Ranchi city side. We did a brisk walk on lock gate. Sun is also on the other side of vast reservoir planning for day off.

Journey through jungle towards Getalsud dam. This is very snake infested area

Journey through jungle towards Getalsud dam. This is very snake infested area

Driving on the Getalsud dam.

Driving on the Getalsud dam.

D) Bhagawan Birsa biological park zoo

It was last point for the day. We reached spot around 4:30 pm. Time for closing the zoo visiting hour. We spent 30 minutes there.

Bhagawan Birsa biological park zoo

Bhagawan Birsa biological park zoo

Finally we started there at 5 pm and reached our hotel around 6 pm.

In this tour we generally looked places for outside city tour. Mandir and fall experience are still afresh in our mind.

Ranchi Tour – Day 2

We have taken a complete day rest for full day tour outside Ranchi city. We have done a combo plan i.e. to complete city tour and outside city tour in a day. It was about 250 km travel plan to complete

A) Dassam falls

B) Sun Temple

C) Patratu valley and dam

All these are distant places from Ranchi. In addition, we have planned to visit some select places inside city. We know this is hectic schedule, however we tried to cover major places before we board the train at night from Ranchi railway station. We have booked same sedan for day long tour.

A) Dassam falls : It was 8 o clock morning , we started from hotel and take Ranchi – Tata Nagar highway. It is located 40 km from Ranchi. First 30 minutes journey refreshed our mind when we took hilly trails to reach a point from we take right turn for final path towards Dassam fall.

Dassam Fall view

Dassam Fall view

From highway it was about 10 km drive , local village life, lush green paddy fields, and distant view of hills will take your tiredness away. After 3 km drive we reach a junction which shows two directions and both direction will take you to Dassam fall. But there is a catch. We actually took straight path and this is new path for reaching on the top of the hill and falls.

Dassam fall view from hill top

Dassam fall view from hill top

Along new path you would find more jungle and turn of the jungle path was steep and sharp.but road condition was excellent. On the way we observed silence of jungle and distant hill top was watching us from over the jungle trees. We found tribal women carrying wood logs climbing down the hilly path. You won’t found tribal village in this path, but jungle journey was excellent. When we reached on the top of falls it was 9:30 am. We took some awesome snaps from here. From here you can see another approach road to base of Dassam fall. In fact that is old and main entrance.

As I told you after entering from highway into village path we observed two path. Actually you have to take left path and this will take you to the base of falls. We now headed towards old route. This route is very well maintained also. We have found tribal village schools, rural health clinic along this path. In path , we have found less jungle experience. However, this place is good for sightseeing the nearby areas of falls. We now climbed down about 200 steps to reach at the base of the fall. It was really awesome. This falls may not be as high as Hundru falls, but best experience I have had while enjoying time in waterfall area.

Question may arise: which is the best fall in Ranchi? Hundru, John’s or Dassam.

I am for Dassam fall as it has some advantage over others. 3 main factors for choosing Dassam fall

1) Nice jungle driving experience in Dassam fall area

2) It is easy to reach at the bottom of falls. You need to only about 250 steps.

3) I found surrounds are really beautiful.

Tips for this place

1) Start early for this place and reach there by 10 am in the morning

2) spend 2-3 hours there and if possible go for jungle drive to reach other side of fall through the jungle.

3) do some trekking from old that to new ghat. I have seen many people crossed the roads over the falls.

B) Sun temple : After finishing Dassam fall visit, we again come back to Ranchi Tata Nagar highway. We drove 10 km towards Tata nagar direction and from the highway we found the top of the sun temple. It was 12 noon just before closing hour of temple. Front sculpture is really good. But the whole mandir needs some renovation work especially wheels of chariot. We made a round of the temple. Distant view of surrounding hills mesmerized us. We spent 30 minutes there spending sometimes inside meditation hall. Temple remained closed between 12 pm to 12:30 pm to visitors. Hence plan your time accordingly. There are many good dhabas in this region, hence We have finished our lunch here.

Sun temple along Ranchi -Tata Nagar highway

Sun temple along Ranchi -Tata Nagar highway


You can access this place if you coming from Tata Nagar towards Ranchi. You are touring from Ranchi , then you can easily visit this place once you finish Dassam fall visit.

Back to Ranchi city

Our next trip is Patratu hill and valley. This place is located on the other side Ranchi along Ranchi- Ramghar- Hajaribag national highway. We have reach Ranchi town now and spent some time for visiting some sightseeing places in Ranchi city.

Quick sightseeing in Ranchi city

There are many places to see in Ranchi, but select few selected locations as to manage precious time.

1) Ranchi hill and pahari mandir

This is located right at the heart of the city. We claimed about 200 stores to reach the hill top. From here you can see distant views of Ranchi lake, Ratu chowck etc. We spend 30 minutes there.

Pahari mandir inside Ranchi city

Pahari mandir inside Ranchi city

Pahari mandir at the hill top

Pahari mandir at the hill top

2) Hatia dam

We gain drove 10 km from highway towards hatia station. On the way we have seen Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) campus, Ranchi stadium. And finally reached Hatia dam. It being 31st December, many families are enjoying picnics in dam area. This is very popular destination for picnic in Ranchi.

Hatia Dam

Hatia Dam

3) Jagannath temple in Ranchi 

On the way returning  from Hatia dam, we went to Jagannath temple located on a small hillock. It was closed by that time. But beauty of temple is really awesome. From temple top you can see distant view of Hatia city, and stadium. We spend about 20 minutes there.

Jagannath temple

Jagannath temple

Now it is about 2: 30 pm. We need to cover of our last lap of day long trip. From here we will take road for Patratu valley. Hence again on wheel for patratu tour.

C) Patratu valley trip

I feel if you like to enjoy a hilly drive then it is the best place to visit during your day long tour in and around Ranchi. This place is located 35 km from Ranchi along Ranchi Hajaribag highway. On the way we crossed Ratu chowck and after 15 km journey, we reached at the uphill of Pratratu valley. It was after noon, sun was on the other side hilly range. Riots of colors from sun rays drenched the whole valley. On the both side of road, long stretches of forest consisting shawl, segun were welcoming us. We stop at a location along highway to take a panoramic views of Patratu hill. Down the hill on the right side we could see vast lake called Patratu lake. Patratu lake is a popular picnic spot in Ranchi. When we reached the lake area, it was 3:30 pm. Picnic parties are in their full mood to enjoy 31st December year end party.

Patratu valley - views from car

Patratu valley – views from car

Boating in Patratu dam

Boating in Patratu dam

We reached the lake water by dodging picnic huts scattered near the water body. It was almost evening, we sit on bank of the lake. Distant views of small boats plying in the lake was awesome. Tourists parties are enjoying boating in the lake. Distant views of hillocks on the other side creating relaxed felling. We were recollecting the memories of Maithon dam. There if you sit on the lake and look carefully , you would find tortoise like island deep inside the lake. Whole experience was mesmerizing. We have a nice tea at nearby tea stall. Darkness covered  the dam area.  It was 5:30 pm evening. We are back onto car for return journey to Ranchi city. When we reached Ranchi station for return train to Howrah, it was 730 pm. It was a nice whole day tour experience.

Ranchi tour plan

If you like enjoy hills and pilgrimage then you can have following plan

A) Day one – hundru falls + chinnamasta mandir. We travel by private vehicle.

B) day 2: we take local cab for city sightseeing. They charge about INR 1000 for 8 spots in 6 hours.

C) day 3 : Dassam fall and patratu viley. Private car charges about INR 2000.

Before booking you check with 2-3 travel agents along with your hotel’s service desk.

Our journey continues ..

Our journey continues ..

Hope you find this information useful. Please let me know your view.

I don’t want my kid to become a super kid!

Really ! Yes, I want them to get space to enjoy and play life as kids. However, sometimes as a parent we expect sky high achievements from our kids on a regular basis. As a Bengali parent, we generally expect that our kid should be either doctor or engineer. To fulfill our own objective, we force them to become genius kids in their tender age.

Genius kid

Genius kid (Photo source:

Without checking real interest of our kids, we normally subscribe what other parents are doing for their kids. I just cite some examples from interactions with parents.

Case study 1 : Ramesh Das (name changed):

He is our neighbor, and retired from service two years back. He has two sons and both studied science up to class XII. His wife had dream to make their sons engineers at any cost. It was their dream, not theirs sons’. First son admitted to private engineering college. Second son also followed his brother passion to enroll same private engineering college as a fashion. Later younger son shared shared that he felt he souild do something like his elder brother. Both passed out from college last year. They are now registered bekar (unemployed youth) enjoying their post engineering life. Father has spent 15 Lakh for two sons and produced 2 engineers with no jobs. Anxious father is now confused what else he could do for sons’ career settlement.

I have met those engineer sons few days back. They are in fact weak in mathematics and science. In fact peer pressure and parents expectation forced them to take engineering route.Thanks to mushrooming private engineering colleges. These colleges are machines meant to fulfill parents’ expectation. Now those kids are preparing for bank and other clerical job posts.

Case study 2:  Monaj Saha (named changed) :

He is successful business man. Like other parents, he wants to see his only son as an engineer. However, son is rather busy on social media. He marginally crossed the hurdle of passing Madhyamik (10 Th broad) with grace mark. To fulfill father’s wish and put himself with higher rank with respect his peers, he joined private ITI college. He thought that he would would do polytechnic after this. His family relative guided him to take this journey to fulfill his father’s which. After joining ITI college, beta (son) behaves as if he were junior engineer and started spending more time on social.

History repeated again, he marginally passed ITI degree. But there is no distant chance of getting into good polytechnic college. In fact he developed a phobia in engineering. That day I meet him father at social function. He is now happy to become a father of bekar (unemployed) technician son. But his dream was partially fulfilled. He is a businessman, he can afford to experiment after throwing few Lash rupees for such junk degree. But there are many fathers from villages are semi-urban India are getting duped false promise from private college and their agent network.

Tips parents

1)Don’t go by what others are doing. Sit with your kids. Know their strength and choice for subject . Encourage them to study what feel comfortable. Besides engineering there are many career avenues to pursue.

2)Do fact checking before enrolling your child with any professional course. Every week in career page of leading dailies, you would find many glossy advertisement of many colleges offering professional degrees. There are many tall claims. Do not go by those claims. Rather check veracity of those claims and facts using personal source or making surprise visits to those colleges.

3)Beware of self proclaimed career mentors willing to give you advise free for direct admission to private engineering and medical college. They are in fact agent of those colleges and are working on commission basis.

As a parent, I also expect that my kids should pursue the course they like most. Off course, as we should guide them with necessary resources. I am working hard to mentor them as “sensible kids” rather than “genius kids” or “super kids”. One of the biggest challenges to parents is how they can make their kids independent in their studies.

Let me know your view.



It’s my journey to connecting with rural mythology

Today morning is really refreshing. Moreover, morning rain make the environment more afresh. Winter is knocking door. Today I have made a quick plan to visit a nearby tourists place in Kharagpur. This time I have chosen a pilgrimage location called Maa Manasa temple in Jakpur.

Maa Manasa mandir at Jakpur- Distant view from Train

Maa Manasa mandir at Jakpur- Distant view from Train

Jakpur is a small station located along the Howrah-Kharagpur train route and located just before KGP station if you travel from Howrah. If you like to enjoy village walk and local folklore, then this is an ideal location for nature lovers.

Jakpur Maa Manasa temple

I have heard a lot about this temple. This temple is popular for jagrata devi Maa Manasa (Maa is actively present here to fulfill wishes for followers). Local people says if you wish with your heart, Maa will fulfill your dream. Whenever my train passing by this location, I usually notice devotees on the way to temple for darshan. So I had a wish to visit this place for Devi darshan and listen history behind it.

Today afternoon I was free, and I am out for a short trip. I board Medinipur Howrah local from Kharagpur station and get down immediately next station Jakpur. It is a beautiful village station surrounded by lush green paddy field. It looks nature has made this place so natural and simple.

On the way to Manasa Mandir

On the way to Manasa Mandir

I reached station around 3:30 pm. It being October end, sunshine was mild and soothing. Hence I plan to go for village walk. After coming out from Jakpur station. I asked a local shop for direction. Since it was afternoon , I couldn’t find any local van or rickshaw there. I could only see a village path meandering through paddy fields. I feel path is calling me to enjoy bucolic simplicity of rural Bengal. I come here to enjoy village walking, hence without a second thought I am on foot to cover 4 km distance. After some walk, I observed another person also following me. Later I came to know he is also on the way to temple. So I got my walking partner for next 30 min walk. We talked a lot about passion to explore new areas.

Around 4 pm we reached the Mandir. Local people called it Maa Manasa mandir. There was a altar at the center of temple and there is no roof top on the temple. Local people tell that this tempe will be kept like this without rooftop as per local tradition.

Legend of  Maa Manasa mandir

As per local saying, there was a temporary altar in this place 10 years back. New Mandir was build just four year back. Actually this area was covered with dense forest and long grass land. A herd of cattle from Jaminder came here for grazing. One day, jaminder’s mink man observed that cows were not giving milk when they come from jungle area. Jaminder ordered to check.  Cowmen later found that every day cows entered the nearby bush and jungle areas and give milk to someone inside the jungle. As per Hindu mythology , snakes can suck milk from cows. Later Maa Manasa appeared in dream of jaminder and ordered him to build temple in jungle area. That the first time makeshift platform build for Manasa puja. Many devotes from distance village started visiting this place and got wishes fulfilled.

Maa Managa Mandir -main entrance

Maa Managa Mandir -main entrance

One day a realtor on the way to business trip crossed this location while in train and his wished some thing sitting on train. His wishes  also got fulfilled. He then donated money to build this modern temple what you see today.

Main Altar- where pople offer puja to Maa Manasa

Main Altar- where pople offer puja to Maa Manasa

You wouldn’t find heavy sculpture here or eye catching arrangement, but simplicity of local environment and local people would surely make you fresh and mentally satisfied.


Distant view of rail track from temple

What to see here

1) enjoy village walk and surrounding environment

2) offer Puja  and feel device presence in rural place. And enjoy local tea.

3) On every Saturday and Thursday, many people come here for offering puja. Come here in morning time and enjoy pilgrimage while on walking.

4) there use be a big mela (village fair) once in a year. I forget the exact month for mela. But nature lover can avoid this time due to heavy rish

How to reach.

1) from kharagpur it is about 7 km. If you come by train , get down at Jakpur, and morning you can get some local van or Toto car.

2) From Madpur station you can book Toto van they charge 100-200 for one hour round trip journey.

3) From Kolkata and Howrah station, you can get down at Madpur station and take Toto car if you are in small group. Nature lover should drop at Jakpur and enjoy 40 min village walk.

4) Best season for tourists – winter is the best time. And avoid rainy season

5) Only local train ( Howrah -Kharagpur local or Howrah Medinipur local stops in Madpur or Jakpur station.

Note : it is a good place for nature lovers or pilgrims.

How to plan Pandal hopping ? my Durga puja experience in 2016

Every year before Dugra puja , we used to plan for pandal hopping. Every time 2 main questions are raised in our mind: First, what area we should visit this year for covering most popular dugra puja in Kolkata? Second, what time should go out for pandel hopping? I don’t like to hop during rush hour. In the last year we went for whole night pandel hopping. This year we plan for early morning pandel hopping. Last year we covered south and central Kolkata puja. This year we plan to cover central and north Kolkata durga puja pandel.

Wakisaka toys - pupualar decorating items in Durga Puja

Wakisaka toys – popular decorating items in Durga Puja 2016

Now next question is what are the durga puja mandop we should visits. I urge you look for Times of India puja review published every year on Sasti. This year, we took that reference to collecting information about location and theme of these durga puja. So our plan to visit few select Dugra puja panels in Central and north kolkata.

Journey start now! We research Sealdha at 5:30 AM. First visited  Rail Maidan Puja. It’s very close to Sealdha Railway station. There was no queqe. Hence it was a king size entry in that puja and other puja pandel.

1)Rail Maidan Puja.

Rail Maidan Puja

Rail Maidan Puja

2)College square puja 

This is childhood puja location. As usual, pandel and durga idols was awesome. If you come here in the evening, you need to stand in a long queue. But, we quicly completed our darsan here.

College square puja.jpg

3)College street Odhibasi Brinda Puja

It’s located along the SurJa Sen street and 200 meter away from College street puja Mondap. Theme was Santhal Village. Whole mandir was decorated and presented with bucolic simplicity. Awesome durga protima.

Odhibasi Brinda Puja pratima

Odhibasi Brinda Puja pratima

Nice village ambiance near Odhibasi Brinda Puja

Nice village ambiance near Odhibasi Brinda Puja

4)Mahammad Ali Park Puja 

From College square, it’s again walking distance. We are also enthralled to see the nice pandel and duga idol.  This is again old and favorite puja. We covered 4 major pujas in 1-2 hours time.  In between we took snacks break.

Enthralled to see the nice pandel and duga idol

Enthralled to see the nice pandel and duga idol

After visiting central Kolkata Durga Puja mondop, we headed towards Sovabajar Metro area. Our target is to cover all puja mondops from Sova Bajar metro to Bidhan nagar railway station. Along this road you get at least 10-12 big pujas. The important point is that most of the pujas are 10 minutes walking distance from each other. You can cover 10-12 pujas in 1-2 hours time (non peak hour). In peak hour, it takes minimum 4-5 hours. Here is our journey along this road

4)Nabin Palli Durga Puja utsav

It’s located near  Hatibagan opposite Citi mart . They are celebrating 82nd year Puja this year. On the way to  puja mondop we found many old fashioned jamindar bari. Puja is a perfect amalgamation of modern puja and old sabeki (traditional) environment.


Kaavad sculpture – nice depiction of 400 years old tradition – “walking and talking temple”

Theme- Kaavad – a portable pilgrimage: Walking taking temple

Kaavad sculpture - nice canvas painting

Kaavad sculpture – nice canvas painting all round – reminding us village tradition in propagating religious message.

It is decorated with Rajasthan’s cupboard art uased as a travelling temple. It presented 500 years old tradition when preaching was not allowed. Hence walking taking temple culture was prevalent.

5)Hathibagan Sarbojanin

It’s celebrating 82nd year puja this year. Located inside Hatibagan market and very close to main road.

Hathibagan Sarbojanin pratima - best pratima I have seen in this season

Hathibagan Sarbojanin pratima – best pratima I have seen in this season

Art work made of daily used items.

Art work made of daily used items.

Theme- Various thrown up itmes (like bottles, tooth picks etc) were uased to depict butterflies, shiuli and kadam Flowers. I found the Maa durga idol is most elegant in this season.

6)Nalin Sarker street Durga Puja


It’s located near Khanna Cinema corssing.

Theme – Putul o- pratima


Mexican Wakisaka toys were used to decorate the pandels. These dolls are popular in Europe and Wesr Asia. When we reched this place, Saptami puja was started. We spent time there.

7)Ultadanga Pallyshree Durga Puja

Located along the Ultadanga Main road and celebrated 68th year puja.


Pally shree durga idol -awesome amalgamation of architectural beautify and light

Pally shree durga idol -awesome amalgamation of architectural beautify and light

Theme – Cityscape was decorated with colors and lights. Entire locality was decorated with beautiful sculptures and apartments were painted with motifs.

Kabiraj Bagan Sarbojanin Durga Puja

Pandel decoration - "Kolkata Station" - tarin engine and AC coaches look very realistic.

Pandel decoration – “Kolkata Station” – tarin engine and AC coaches look very realistic.


It’s  located along ultadange main road.

Theme- Kolkata railway station. They build the station and stationed maître express near on Kolkata platform so naturally, I got confused at first glance that whether the set up was natural or artificial. It looked so natural .  There was very good ambience.

Telenga Bagan Durga Puja

It’s one of the most popular Durga puja pandel in Kolkata and they celebrated 51st year durga puja.


Way to Telenga Bagan puja mondop

Theme- Oparer sajhe eparer puja.  The whole mondap was decorated with colorfull dolls and traditional sculpture. I fould this protima very elegantly decorated.

Telenga bagan durgaa pratima - second best idol I have seen in this season

Telenga bagan durgaa pratima – second best idol I have seen in this season

We ended our puja trip with this puja and it’s 10:30 am. Now we are headed towards home. Besdies there pujas , we visited many beautiful pujas. I could not recollect those names.

What happens when an aam aadmi (common man) gets a chance to showcase his X factor?

I am a cautious driver. I never drive car over 90 km/hr. Timidity gets over me whenever I try to speed up my car over 80 km / hr. It’s always a safety concern dissuade me from speeding my car. Like an Amm aadmi , I have a small car and drive cautiously whenever I am at wheel.

Common man as F1 driver

Common man as a F1 driver

But that day was different; I was strolling in front of Mechanical Engineering Department in IIT Kharagpur campus. I noticed small gathering at the entrance of Mechanical department and peeped in and found F1 type car model was kept on show for visitors.

An enthusiastic student chipped in and started explaining the model and its performance in last event in UK. Some of students offered me for a trail (could be a test drive). I couldn’t resist my temptation. I immediately agreed to try that wild beast. In a moment, F1 legend Michael Schumacher appeared in my dream. I sit on a driver seat. I felt as if I were in F1 track, I was checking dashboard with a grim face as if I were ready start first lap at 350 km/hr speed. While on wheel, I suddenly felt a small jerking and heard a sound of auto starting. And a deep fear engulfed me and I felt in that moment that I am in pilot cockpit and plane falls in an air pocket. I closed my eyes for a moment…

When I opened my eyes,  I noticed a photographer taking photos of my nervous face. Later I realized that sound was coming from nearby parking bay. My F1 sedan didn’t move an inch and it was a vicarious feeling. But the virtual of experience of F1 driving comes over me again. I feel a sense of accomplishment without driving. After all most of dreams of amm admi people get fulfilled in dream. I was happy being a F1 driver in a virtual world.

Is not that enriching experience?


Our trip to offbeat tourist locations near IIT Kharagpur

It was middle of April month (2016), and scorching Sun spewing heat across the region. We were lucky, so we got 2 AC guest rooms in Visvesvaraya Guest House (VGH) at IIT Kharagpur campus. We were enjoying foods and cozy stay in VGH, despite high summer temperature outside. But that could not dampen our spirit to visit nearby places from IIT kharagpur.

Especially every evening was pleasant during our 3 days’ stay at campus. I had come here in my own car and that was extra advantage I had as I could visit any nearby places in afternoon. First day we target Gopali asram.

Gopali Ashram:

It’s a nice Ashram located 3 km from IIT Kharagpur Prem Bazar Gate. Spending some time here with your family is really refreshing. We reached there around 5:15 pm.. On the back side of the asram , we found a primary school with nice playground and garden. As per local inscription, this asram was set up in 1978 on a land donated by Haripada Bhanja and Radhanath Bhanja. We have found a long list of donors from different parts of West Bengal.

History of this Ahsram

This ashram was established on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami  in 1974 on a plot of land measuring 6.5 Acres by Kalyan Ashram. It’s situated 7 Km. South of Kharagpur Railway Station, and tucked away 2 Km. South from I.I.T. Kharagpur and 3 Km. North of E.F.R. Training Camp, Salua and Air Base, Salua. Later the management was taken over by the Pratisthan.

Shiva Mandir at Gopali Ashram

Shiva Mandir at Gopali Ashram

What to see here:

a) Lord Shiva Temple: The Ashram has a magnificent Shiva Mandir built by the Bhagchandka family of Calcutta. Temple’s foundation stone was laid by H.H. Jagatguru Shankaracharya Sri Abhinava Vidyateerthjee Maharaj of Sringeri.

Om KareShwar Mandir at Gopali Ashram

Om KareShwar Mandir at Gopali Ashram

b) Chatrabas : School cum shelter providing free lodging & Boarding for economically weaker section: SC/ST and orphan boys.

c) Sarda Sishu Mandir: It provides day and morning schooling to hundreds of children.

School inside Ashram

School inside Ashram

We visited all 3 places. While coming back from school ground, we found game teacher taking evening exercise class of small kids. We also enjoyed sunset behind vast ground located in front of asram. This asram may be small , but bucolic simplicity of local people and transcendental presence of asramic environment made our mind cool.

How to reach here: if you come by car, its 7 km from Kharagpur railway station and 3 km from IIT campus. If you like to avail local bus, you can catch any private bus plying between Medinipur and khorika or Keshiwari. You can also hire local auto. IIT student can go there by cycle. It’s only 4 km cycle ride from hostel.

After ashram visit , I took my family for a short drive towards Keshiwari. On the way we stopped at Salua to savor tasty local momo. There are 2-3 momo shops in that area. When returned from short evening trip, it was 730pm.

Hijli Eco Park: On the second day

It’s a small natural park very close to IIT Kharagpur campus. It is located 1 km from Prem Bazar gate. It’s a famous picnic spot in winter. There is a small deer park inside. Since it was summer, we went there at 5pm evening. Someone informed that 5 P.m. is a feeding time for deer. We have located a nice eco resort is being constructed by forest department. I hope it would fully functional in few months.  While walking along the path covered with trees from both sides , we found many small rides for children and nice picnic spots under giant mango trees.

Hijli Eco Park entrance

Hijli Eco Park entrance

Pathway towrads Deer park

Pathway towrads Deer park

After few meter walk, we look left to reach deer park area covered with iron fence. Forest official told everyday 5 pm they feed deer. To locate the deer, we walked along the fence and entered the forest to reach feeding area. That time it was evening. Evening sun ray created riots of colors across the jungle. Chattering of some birds over the tree heads created an uncanny environment there. As if jim Corbett is waiting for tiger hunt in a deep jungle and chattering of brids declared the presence of beast. We stayed sometime there and moved to see other part of park.

Deer park insdie Hijli Eco Park

Deer park insdie Hijli Eco Park

Nice nursery growing local varieties of sonajhuri trees

Nice nursery growing local varieties of sonajhuri trees

On the back side of the park,  there a nice nursery growing local varieties of sonajhuri trees, shal trees etc. This is a restricted area. However, we requested local official for a short trip inside the nursery. It’s very refreshing to spend some times there. When we came to main gate, it was 6pm evening, park closing time.

Nice park and picnic spots inside

Nice park and picnic spots inside

Some facts for tourists about Hijli Eco Park

Timing : open till 6pm

Ticket: Rs 5 per head and 25 Rs for  car parking charge.

Best time to visit: winter season

How to reach Eco park: it’s very close to Prem Bazar Gate of IIT Kharagpur. So from IIT campus you can reach by cycle or on foot. If you come from kharagpur station , you can reach this place  either by Salua bound auto or Keshiwari bound bus and get down at Prem bazar. From prem bazar it’s 500 meters distance walk. I am not sure whether bus has any stoppage at Hijli Eco park stopage.

Hijli Eco park is really a nice pincin spot during winter.

Hope you find this information useful.